G-Notes as The ‘G’ Notes – I Would/ Ronnie (My Teen-Age Dream), ’58 (Tender 510 & Jackpot 48000, ’59)


G-Notes as G.Notes – If They Only Knew/ Say You’re Mine, ’59 (Form 102)


G-Notes as G. Notes – Johnny Johnny Johnny/ Broken Down Merry Go Round, ’59 (Guyden 2012)



2 thoughts on “G-Notes

    • The Eddie Cochran (on guitar) “If They Only Know’ (Page Sisters) was a controversy until an interview with June Page clearly said Eddie Cochran was not on any Page sisters recording.

      Could the similarity of the Gino Sisters as The “G” Sisters title of “If They Only Knew” and the Gino Sisters connection to Rickie Page be part of that controversy? Was Eddie Cochran actually the guitar player on the G.Notes release instead of the Page Sisters? The research I did for the G Notes found sources on both sides of the fence. Eddie Cochran research yielded the same results. Did he? or Didn’t he? Someone at the session might be the only person who ‘knows.’

      Thanks for the scan link. The group was credited differently on each release. The book listed all as G-Notes.

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