Drakes Groups

Drakes (Chicago)

– Mellow Daddy/ Just A Dream, ’55 (United-Unreleased)

– Take A Giant Step/ Let Them Talk, ’55 (United-Unreleased)

Drakes (Chicago) as Dream Kings – M.T.Y.L.T.T./ Oh, What A Baby, ’57 (Checker 858) (More Than Yesterday, Less Than Tomorrow)


Drakes (Indiana) (w JJ Macambo) – Oo Wee So Good, ’58 (Conquest 1001)

The JJ Macambo – Kitty {I}, ’58 (Conquest 1001)


Drakes (Ohio) (ft KL Jett) – I Made A Wish/ Ole King Cole, ’65 (Olimpic 252)


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