Dee Jays Groups

Dee Jays (Michigan) – Love Me Baby/ Don’t Leave Me Here To Cry, ’54 (SRC 101)

(Book listed as Deejays.  Scans are Dee Jays.)



Dee-Jays (NYC) (Chico Shepherd & The) – You Actin’ Funny Honey/ Gonna Love You Madly, ’54 (After Hours 101)


Dee-Jays (NYC) – I’m Really In Love, ’54 (After Hours 102) (Flip unknown.)

(There were no scans and one listing was as Dee-Jays.  Book listed as Dee Jays.)



Dee-Jay’s (Philadelphia) – You Took Your Love From Me/ Canadian Sunset, ’62 (Sonata 1100)

(Scan found for A-side.  Book listed as Dee Jays.)


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