David Gates

David Gates as Accents (Oklahoma) (Vocal by David Gates) – Jo-Baby/ Lovin’ At Night, ’57 (Perspective Sound 121057500)


David Gates & The Accents (Oklahoma) – Lovin’ At Night/ Jo-Baby, ’58 (Robbins 1008)

(Oklahoma Accents Groups not included in book.)



David Gates

– Swingin’ Baby Doll/ Walkin’ And Talkin’, ’59 (East West 123) (Not included in book.)

– You’ll Be My Baby/ What’s This I Hear, ’60 (Mala 413)

– Jo-Baby (version 2)/ Teardrops In My Heart, ’61 (Mala 427) (Not included in book.)


The above is part of David Gates’ early career.  For more info see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Gates.


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