Dardenelles Group

Dardenelles – A Thing Worth Remembering/ Star Dream {I}, ’60 (Pennington 108)

  • Writing credits: Leggieri, Pinto Petrone/ Leggieri, Peigler.

Scans found @ http://www.45cat.com/record/nc807737us.


Dardenelles – My Baby/ Soft Is The Breeze, ’62 (Playgirl 501) 

  • A-side writing credits: Suggs, Peigler, Callaway.  Scan found.
  • Rock on A-side, vocal/harmony on B-side.



Dardenelles – Feel All Right/ Now You’re Gone, ’63 (entré 102)

  • Scans found.
  • Writing credits: Norris, Peigler, Suggs/ Graham, Norris, Leggieri [sic].
  • At one time, the B-side played on youtube and sounded like early 1960s recording.


The book used a 1953 dating which was found for Columbia Entré Record and #102 is credited to Morton Gould conducting the Rochester ‘Pops’.  The Las Vegas Entree label credits #102 to The Big M’s and is dated 1965.  entré 102 is a different label.