Dappers Groups

Dappers (Boston)

– Come Back To Me/ Mambo Oongh, ’55 (Peacock 1651) (Houston TX Label)

My Love Is Real/ Baby You Know You’re Wrong, ’60 (Epic 9423)

– Chicken Twist/ Lonely Street, ’61 (Foxie 7005)



Dappers (New York) (First Group) – Unwanted Love/ That’s All, That’s All, That’s All, ’56 (Groove 0156)

Dappers (New York) (Second Group) – Bop Bop Bu/ How I Need You Baby, ’56 (Rainbow 373)



Dappers (Michigan) (Music by The Regal-Aires) – We’re In Love/ Spellbound, ’58 (Star-X 505)


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