Dahills (Brownsville) (gms: Eramus Hall; Dennis Lambert , Ed Lambert, Gordon Bayne & later, Joe Cennamo.)

– Michelle/ Why Do We Have To Say Goodnight, ’64 (Musicor 1041)

– Please Be My Girlfriend/ Do You Want To Go Steady, ’76 (Clifton 13)

– I Who Love You/ She’s My Angel, ’78 (Crystal Ball 107)


Dahills (Brownsville) (Dennis & The)

– Arlene/ Janie, Please Believe Me (Richcraft Demo N/A)

– Arlene, ’78 (Crystal Ball 105)

(Credited correctly as The Tokens (formed by some Dahills members) but the artist is sometimes misunderstood to be the Tokens/Four Winds group.)