D (Unlisted Artists)

Dales (New York) – Lonely Women – Lonely Man/ If You Are Meant To Be, ’57 (Onyx 509) (A-side title correction.)

Danleers – I’ll Always Believe In You/ Little Lover, ’60 (Epic 9421) (Book lists ‘I’ll Always Be In Love With You.’  All sources say the correct title is ‘Believe In You’ not ‘Be In Love With You.’)

Danleers as Dandleers – One Summer Night/ Wheelin’ And A-Dealin’, ’58 (Amp 3 2115-first pressing) (Second pressing as ‘Danleers.’)

Dantes Infernos – Teen Age Blues/ My First True Love (There She Goes), ’57 (Lido 507) (Artist spelling correction.  A-side title correction.)

Dave Larry – Only A Dream/ My Confession To You, ’63 (B’n KC 102) (The book listed as Dave & Larry.  Writing credits are also by Dave Larry.  Dated as/45cat.)

Daylighters (Texas) – I’ll Never Let You Go/ Something Is Wrong, ’59 (Domino 904) (Sonny Rhodes lead.)

Daytrippers – That’s Part Of The Game/ You Cheated, ’66 (American Music Makers 113/114) (A-side and date added to book entry.)

De Cals – Londonderry Air/ There In The Moonlight, ’75 (Monogram 103) (Book listed as ‘Decals.’)

De Velles – Let’s Do The Hunch/ Misery, ’64 (Emanuel 107) (Date added.)

De-Havelons (Eddie & The) – Baby Dumplins [sic]/ Xmas Party, ’62 (Peacock 1920) (The book spelled as De Havilons.)

Debuts – Gettin’ Mellow/ If I Cry, ’67 (Scudder 101 & Atco 6591, ’68) (Date, B-side title and Atco label added.)

Del-Mates (John Steele & The) – The Fat Man/ You’re Gonna Miss Me, ’65 (Wand 194) (Book spelled as Del Mates.) (New York label.)

Del-Rythmetts – Chic-A-Boomer/ I Need Your Love, ’58 (J-V-B 5000) (Book listed as Del-Rhythmetts.)

Deli-Cados – Granny Baby/ Now I’ve Confessed, ‘60 (PMP 4279) (Some date 1957.)

Dell Rays (NY) – The Way You Look Tonight/ Hum Gully Gully, ’64 (Lavette 1007) (Book listed as Dellrays.)

Dell-Mates – Angela/ Cross My Heart And Hope To Die, ’64 (Fontana 1934 & Smash 1934, ’64) (No scan for Smash.  Book listed as Dell Mates.) (White teen group.)

Dellords (New Mexico) – September Song/ In Togetherness, ’62 (Midas 09) (Book listed as Del Chords.)

Dells formerly El Rays (w Willie Dixon & Orch) – Darling I Know/ Christine, ’54 (Checker 794)

Delmiras – Dry Your Eyes/ The Big Sound, ’61 (Dade 1821) (Book listed as Delmiros.)

Delmonicos (Denise Germaine With The) – Teenage Idol/ I’m Fed Up, ’63 (Aku 6139)

Denny Randell (& Group) – Hey! Chickie Baby/ There’s Gonna Be A Showdown, ’63 (Cameo 255) (B-side added.)

Desidero’s (ref Chi-Lites) – Flat Foot Charlie/ I Pledge My Love, ’63 (Renee 1040) (Artist spelling correction.)

Destinaires (Gino & The) – Traveling Stranger (Acappella), ’64 (Old Timer 602) (The flip ‘(I Hear) Silver Bells (Acappella)’ is by the Zircons (Bronx).

Dicky Williams (& Group) – Tee-Na-Na/ What Makes You Think You’re In Love, ’60 (Vin 1021) (A-side spelling correction.)

Dikes – Light Me Up/ Don’t Leave Poor Me, ’55 (Federal 12249) (B-side title correction.)

Dixies (San Francisco) – He’s Got You/ Geisha Girl, ’65 (Autumn 12) (Book listed as Pixies.)

Do-Drops (Misty & The) – Answer Me My Love/ Come Shake Hands With A Fool, ’63 (Imperial 5975) (Artist name correction.)

Dominions (Eugene Oregon) – Spanish Harlem/ I Need Her, ’66 (Graves 1091) (Date added.)

Dominoes (Unknown Origin) (Joe Taylor & The) – You Don’t Love Me/ Never Let Me Go, ’68 (HMF 2002) (This is their only recording.  Date added.)

Don Clairs (w Harold Perkins & His Orch) – I Lost My Job/ Santa Fe, ’58 (Amp-3 1001-1002)

Donald Amaker (& Group) – Pleasing You Pleases Me/ Don’t Let Me Shed Anymore Tears, ’58 (Raines 418) (Titles corrected on both sides.)

Donnie Elbert (& Group) – Leona/ Have I Sinned, ’57 (DeLuxe 6148) (The book listed b-side as ‘I Have Sinned.’)

Donnie Young (& Group) – Twelve To Seven, ’64 (Amcan 407) (no flip.  Book listed artist as Donny.)

Donny Marchand (& Group) – Round In Circles/ Along Came Suzy, ’60 (Craft 3000) (Book spelled as Susie.)

Doo Ray’s (Davey & The) – Doo Dee Doo Dee Do Wah/ It’s The Beat, ’58 (Guyden 2002) (A-side title correction.)

Dootsie Williams & His Orch (Vocal Willie Headen) – When I Am Gone, ’54 (Dootone 345) (Flip is ‘No There Ain’t No News Today’ by the Penguins.)

Dotty Daniels (& Group) – Play Me A Sad Song/ I Wrote You A Letter, ’63 (Amy 885) (A-side title corrected.)

Doug Warren & The Rays (Tenn) – If The World Don’t End Tomorrow (I’m Comin’ After You)/ Around Midnight, ’60 (Image 1011)

Dougie The Dude – Lifetime/ Cowboy Joe, ’63 (Amy 869) (Book listed as Duds (Dougie & The).

Doves (Cliff Butler & His) – People Will Talk/ When You Love, ’53 (States 123) (Book also listed as Singing Doves but scans were not found credited to that name.)

Dragons (St George & The) (Sacramento) – Trust Me/ Donna Alone, ’66 (Dragon 131-132) (Info at http://www.45cat.com/record/es131es132).

Dreamers (Vocal Duet-Unknown Origin) – (That’s Why) I Sing This Song/ Mary’s Little Lamb, ’60 (Apt 25053) (A-side title correction.)

Dreamtones (fb Major Lance) – Stand Beside Me, ’58 (Klik 8505, Sold 501, ’75 & Early Bird 005, ’96) (A-side title correction,)

Drifters backing as Ruth Brown & Her Rhythmakers (w Orchestra) – Oh What A Dream/ Please Don’t Freeze, ’55 (Atlantic 1036) (The Drifters are credited as ‘Her Rhythmakers.’)

Du Woppers (Dave & The) – Oh Stop It!, ’72 (Kelway 100) (The flip ‘Peace Of Mind’ is by The Young Lords.)

Duotones – I Just Got Kissed/ And My Heart Came Tumblin’ Down, ’61 (Harlequin 611026) (B-side title completion.)


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