Coastiers – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ 16 Candles, ’58 (Coast To Coast 1265 & Big Buy 4 Hit Tunes 243-A1-2)

Coastiers Orchestra & Singing Group – The Children’s Marching Song, ’58 (Big Buy 4 Hit Tunes 243-B2)


Coastiers Orchestra (Al Christi & The) – Kansas City, ’58 (Coast to Coast Top Hit 1280A)

Coastiers Orchestra (Gateway Four & The) – Since I Don’t Have You, ’58 (Coast To Coast Top Hit 1280B)


Coastiers Orchestra (Skeets Price & The) – Tallahassee Lassie, ’59 (Coast To Coast Parade Of Hits 1286A) (B-side is unknown.)


Coastiers – The Angels Listened In, ‘59 (Coast To Coast Parade Of Hits 1287)

Coastiers Orchestra (Skeets Price & The) – Teen Beat {I}, ’59 (Coast To Coast Parade Of Hits 1287) (see comment)


Coastiers Orchestra (The Coastiers & The) – Mr Blue, ’59 (Coast to Coast Parade Of Hits 1288B) (A-side is ‘Say Man’ asby The Doodlers & The Coastiers Hot Shots.)


5 thoughts on “Coastiers

    • Added #1286 and others. ( provides some label scans and listings of variations on the Coastiers name.

  1. More –
    Coast To Coast 1265 – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes & 16 Candles – 1958
    Coast To Coast 1288 – Mr. Blue – 1958
    Coast To Coast 1277 – (as Coastiers Hot Shots) – Guitar Boogie Shuffle

    • Hard to tell if the Coastiers, Coastiers Orchestra and Coastier Hot Shots are the same group. From the scans, they might be vocal and instrumental, but didn’t find info to confirm one way or the other.

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