Clovers (Changes)


– Down In The Alley, ’57 (Atlantic 1152)

  • Title error in book.

– Let Me Hold You/ Wrapped Up In A Dream, ’61 (Winley 255)


Clovers (Bailey Group) as The Fabulous Clovers (ft John ‘Buddy’ Bailey) – They’re Rockin Down The Street/ Be My Baby, ’61 (Winley 265)

Clovers (Bailey Group) (ft John ‘Buddy’ Bailey) – I Need You Now/ Gotta Quit You, ’61 (Winley 265)

  • Label # is 265.  Some sources have reattributed the # as 266, I assume because of duplicate # for The Fabulous Clovers release.


Clovers (Bailey Group) (ft Buddy Bailey) – Stop Pretending/ One More Time (Come On), ’63 (Porwin 1001)

Clovers (Bailey Group) (Buddy Bailey & The) – It’s All In The Game/ That’s What I Will Be, ’63 (Porwin 1004)


Clovers (Lucas Group)

– The Bootie Green/ Drive It Home, ’61 (Atlantic 2129)

– Love! Love! Love!/ The Kickapoo, ’63 (Brunswick 55249)


Clovers (Lucas Group) as Tippie & The Clovermen – Please Mr Sun/ Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, ’62 (Stenton 7001)

  • Book listed flip as ‘I Like It Like That.’
    • As/ Marv Goldberg, ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ is a faster track of the Spaniels ‘I Like It Like That.’


Clovers (Lucas Group) as Tippie & The Clovers – Bossa Nova, Baby/ The Bossa Nova (My Heart Said), ’63 (Tiger 201)


Clovers (Bailey And Lucas Reunite) – He Sure Could Hypnotize/ Poor Baby, ’65 (Port 3004)


Clovers (Harold Winley Group)

– Too Long Without Some Loving/ For Days, ’68 (Josie 992)

– Try My Lovin’ On You/ Sweet Side Of A Soulful Woman, ’68 (Josie 997)