Clefs (fb Scotty Mansfield)

– We Three/ Ride On, ’52 (Chess 1521)

– Sorry (Recorded 1952 (We Three Session), ’73 (Baron 104)


Clefs (Lead Scotty Mansfield)

– I’ll Be Waiting/ Please Don’t Leave Me, ’54 (Peacock 1643)

– What Did I Do, ’54 (Peacock-Unreleased)

– I’m Wondering, ’54 (Peacock-Unreleased)


The group later changed their name to Scotty Mann & The Masters:

Masters (Arlington VA) (Scotty Mann & The) (Lead Pavel Bess) – The Mystery Man, ’56 (Peacock 1665)

Masters (Arlington VA) (Scotty Mann & The) (Lead Fred Council) – Just A Little Bit Of Loving, ’56 (Peacock 1665)


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