Candletts & Candlettes

Candletts (LA)

– Angel Love/ Everybody Loves To Rock & Roll, ’58 (Vita 179)

– My Only Love/ It’s Misery, ’59 (Vita 182)


Candlettes – Wrapped Up In A Dream/ Moments To Remember, ’61 (Ronda 1001)

  • Unknown Origin.


The entry in the book might be a printer error as both groups appear listed as ‘Candlettes’ with the Candletts releases following the Candlettes.  The two groups do not sound alike.  See confirming comment.


The book dated the Ronda group as 1963.  Other Ronda dates found are 1961 and 1962.


2 thoughts on “Candletts & Candlettes

  1. The Candletts were from L.A. and may have been a studio group formed to record the compositions of Ruth Stratchborneo (aka Ruth Christie) & Paula Sapp (aka Paul DePores aka Cathy Saunders), who went on to form Tide Records. Any vocals would include Ruth & Paula & possibly Rena Fuller (aka Rena Wright). This info is from my story on the Tide label. The Ronda group is unrelated.

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