C (Unlisted)

Cadillacs as Original Cadillacs (ref James Bailey) – Deep In The Heart Of The Ghetto Pt 1/ Deep In The Heart Of The Ghetto Pt 2, ’72 (Polydor 14031)

Caesars – Get Yourself Together/(Lala) I Love You, ’67 (Lanie 2001) (Book dated N/A and spelled b-side as (La La I Love You.)

Cappy Lewis – Bull Fight {I}, ’61 (Arvee 5023) (Flip is ‘Little Pedro’ by The Olympics.)

Cardinales (Claudia & The) – Much Too Much Too Soon/ Liberty, ’61 (Tel Tone 001) (Book listed as Cardinals.)

Carol Ann Stevens & The Ivys – A Heart-A Toy/ Lonely Hearted, ’61 (Carol 4111) (Book listed as (& Group)

Cecil Young Quartet – Oooh-Diga-Gow (Vocal)/ Our Waltz, ’54 (King 4692) (Book listed as Cecil Young (& Quartette.)

Chappies – Suddenly There Were Tears/ Big Beach Bully, ’60 (Chelton 750) (Book dated N/A.) (you-tube dated 1960.)

Charles Calhoun (w The Four Students) – Jamboree/ My Pigeon’s Gone, ’56 (Groove 0149) (Book listed under Four Students.  B-side is without group credit.)

Charlie Gracie – Crazy Girl/ Dressin’ Up, ’58 (Cameo 127

Chauntes – Love That Guy/ Bohemian Love, ’65 (Tonix 14-15) (Both scans found.  Book dated N/A.)

Cherokees (NZ Group) – It’s Gonna Work Out Fine/ I’ve Got Something To Tell You, ’65 (Gary GA-1001) (Book dated N/A.  Label # added.)

Chev-Rons (ref Alfred Gaitwood) – The Defense Rest [sic]/ It’s Saturday Night, ’61 (Gait 100)

Chips (California Label) (Billy Bobbs & The) – Shim Sham/ Teedle De Bum Bum, ’58 (Edison International 400) (Book error listing of #416 by this group.  #416 sides are ‘I Wanna Go Home/So Warm’ by Jackie de Shannon.)

Chora’ Leeters – Hear My Prayer/ I’ve Got To Run On, ’57 (Duke 214) (Book listed as Choraletters.)

Chuck Jackson (& Group) – Baby I Want To Marry You (2:30)/ Never Let Me Go (2:20), ’61 (Atco 6197)

Chums (Mary Eustice & The) – That’s It/ There’s Never A Moment, ’58 (Apt 25009) (Book dated N/A.)

Cincinnatians – Do What You Want To Do/ Magic Genie, ’66 (Roosevelt Lee 16115 & Emerald 16115-6) (Date correction.)

Cindy Gibson (Vocal Accom The Tiffanys (Philadelphia)) – I’ll Always Love You/ (A Lovely) Summer Night, ’64 (General 700) (Date added.)

Clientelles – Church Bells May Ring/ My Love, ’61 (MBS 7) (Book spelled as Clientells.)

Clydie King (BV The Echoes-California-uncredited) – Our Romance/ Written On The Wall, ’57 (Specialty 605) (BV noted in Opal Nations Echoes history.)

Coachmen Five (ft Ray Davis) – Oh Joan/ This I Know, ’62 (Janson 100) (Book dated N/A.)

Combo Kings (ft Lee Bosket on Organ; Vocal by Pervis Herder) – Mish Mash/ All I Could Do Was Cry, ’63 (Flo-Jo 4095-96) (Book dated N/A.)

Commands – Hey It’s Love/ No Time For You, ’66 (Dynamic 104 & Back Beat 570) (All sources date 1966.)

Copesectics – Collegian/ Believe In Me, ’56 (Premium 409) (Book misspelled as Copasectics.)

Cues as The 4 Students – So Near And Yet So Far/ Hot Rotten Soda Pop (Oh, My Toe), ’55 (Groove 0110) (The book listed as the Four Students.)

Curtains (Mr Lee & The) – (I Don’t Think) It’s Fair To Me/ The Lonesomest Walk, ’70 (Boardwalk 18) (Title corrections.)

Cut Outs (bryan brent & The [sic]) – Vacation Time/ For Eternity, ’63 (Penny 2201) (Book listed as Cutouts.)


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  1. Cappy Lewis was from Fond du Lac, WI, so I have a bit on him in my continuing WI coverage. Besides this one, he also a 1960 45 on Hi-Fi & he was Woody Herman’s featured jazz tpt man for several yrs.

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