C-Notes (Various Spellings) Groups

as ’C’ Tones (Bronx NY) – On Your Mark/ From Now On, ’57 (Everlast 5005)

(Scans found are as ‘C’ Tones.  All label discographies are as C Notes with no confirming scans found.  The book also lists as C-Tones and C-Notes.  Scans as C Notes are needed.)



C-Notes (Queens-NY) – Last Saturday Night/ We Were Meant For Each Other, ’59 (Arc 4447)

(They are a different group than the ‘Everlast’ ‘C’ Tones from the Bronx.)



C-Notes (Frankie & The) – Forever And Ever/ Fade Out {I}, ’61 (Richie 2)


C-Notes (Frankie & The) as Frankie & The C Notes – Forever And Ever, ’63 (Times Sq 10)

(As/ the book, the flip is ‘Union Hall’ by The Montels.  See scan links)



‘C’ Notes (Ron Jones & The) (Chicago) – Goodbye Linda/ Why, ’63 (Mobie 3419)


4 thoughts on “C-Notes (Various Spellings) Groups

  1. Ron Jones (b: 2/15/43; Davenport, IA) was an oldies DJ in Chicago. He had 2nd Mobie 45 as Ronnie Jones & an earlier on Aurora. Prob not related to any other C-Notes.

    • According to an old note from Ron Jones I had in my files, the ‘C’ Notes were a black group backing him and that the recording was made in Chicago in 1963. This sounded like a one-time association.

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