A (Unlisted Artists)

Aaron Neville (& Group) – For Everyboy [sic] There’s A Girl/ I’ve Done It Again, ’67 (Instant 3282) (Corrected a-side title.)

AC Reed (& Group) – Boogaloo-Tramp (No Group)/ Talkin’ ‘bout My Friends [sic], ’67-69 (Nike 2002) (Some date as 1967, others as 1969.  Book dated N/A.)

Addictions (ft Sonny Bunny) – Daddy’s Home (A Capella)/ When We Get Married (A Capella), ’72 (Kelway 102) (Artist correction.)

Adorations – Linda/ That Lucky Old Saint, ’71 (Dreamtone 200) (B-side title correction.)

Al Downing & The Poe Kats – Down On The Farm/ Oh! Baby, ’58 (White Rock 1111 & Challenge 59006) (Book listed group as Poe Rats.)

All-Niters – You Talk Too Much/ Summertime Blues, ’64 (GMA 1) (Book spelled group as All Nighters.)

Allie Oops Group – Bloop Bloop/ Dinosaur, ’60 (Caprice 102) (Gerry Granahan label.  Book lists him as a gm.)

Allumes – Tell Me Why/ Winner Take All, ’78 (Crystal Ball 118)

Alma-Keys (BB The Citations) – Jumping’ Twist/ Please Come Back To Me, ’62 (Kiski 2056)

Angelettes – You Only You [sic]/ Mine And Mine Alone, ’57 (Josie 813) (Book listed a-side as You And Only You.  A-side rocker with a ballad on flip.  It was the group’s only recording.)

Ann Ford (& Group) – The Fool/ Can’t Ya Tell, ’59 (Apollo 532)

Annisteen Allen (w Howard Biggs Orch) – Fujiyama Mama/ Wheels Of Love, ’55 (Capitol 3048) (The book lists BB as the Cues.)

Anthony & The Aqua Lads – The Heart That’s True/ I Remember, ’66 (Gold Bee 1650)

Antlers Of Miami – I Don’t Mind Being All Alone/ Just In Case You Change Your Mind, ’51 (Artists 1259-60)

Ardee’s (Phil Alan & The) – Tell Me Why/ Four Leaf Clover, ’61 (Ko Co Bo 1010)


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  1. The All-Niters on GMA also had 2 45s & an LP on Erie. They were basically the same group as the Vigilantes (from upper MI) on Cuca & on Hermi & on Heartbeat, Sunny & Limelight as the Playboys, the Lovers, the Pastels & the Flagmen. This info comes from member James Brogan & is included in my WI books.

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