Bowties (Cirino & The)

Bowties (Cirino & The) – My Rosemarie/ (Take One) My Baby’s In Love With Me, ’55 (Royal Roost 614) 


Bowties (Cirino & The) – Ever Since I Can Remember, ’56 (Royal Roost 624)

as (6 Year Old) Ivy Schulman With The Bowties – Rock, Pretty Baby, ’56 (Royal Roost 624)

  • From the motion picture “Rock, Rock, Rock.”


gms: Cirino Colacrai (Del Serino), John Granada, Jimmmy Piro & Vince “Diddy Cipoldo.


FYI: Only corrections made to the book’s incomplete and ‘in error listings’ are posted here.  These corrections are confirmed through label scans.