Bobby Roberts Groups

Bobby Roberts (Tennessee) (With Highpockets’ Delta Rockets) (Mississippi) – She’s My Woman/ Big Sandy, ‘59 (Sky 56-101)


also reissued in 2013 from the master as:

Bobby Roberts (Tennessee) (With Jennings Brothers) – Big Sandy/ She’s My Woman (Sky 56-101)


Bobby Roberts (Chicago) & The Ravons – I’m In Love Again/ How Can I Make Her Mine, ’65 (GMA 10-A & Cameo 339)


2 thoughts on “Bobby Roberts Groups

  1. two differents artists.first is active on a local menphis scene and have links with reelfoot records.

    • The book connected both Bobby Roberts to the Ravons (Chicago). The post, separates one from the other by (Mississippi) and (Chicago). Neither are doowop.

      Discographies available from several sources, show other ‘rockabilly’ releases for Bobby Roberts (Mississippi) on his different labels.

      Several sites also replicate the information on Bobby Roberts & The Ravons (Chicago).

      Check out my post on the Ravons Groups (Various Spellings).

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