Benny/Bennie Martin

Benny Martin – Darling Goodbye/ This Is Why I Love You, ’66 (Astro 109) (Book dated 1960.)


No scans found.  The book spelled as ‘Benny’.  U-tube spells as ‘Bennie’ and the songs are the same.  


Among the numerous Astro labels, different titles are listed on an Astro 109 asby the Coastliners, dated 1960. lists the label as Astra on their post of the Continentals’ Owl bootleg of these two songs.


The most frequently found ‘Benny Martin’ is the bluegrass fiddler from Tennessee who invented the 8-string fiddle.  Some sources list ‘Darling Goodbye/This Is Why I Love You among his credits.  When the Astro soulful songs are heard, there is no evidence these can be by the same artist.  I would estimate dating about 1966 or later.


Who is this artist?  Benny or Bennie?  Which Astro/Astra label and where was it located?  Does someone have a link to a label scan?


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