Bennie Martin

Bennie Martin (& Group) – Darling Goodbye/ This Is Why I Love You, ’60 (Astro 109)

  • No scans found for Astro/Astra #109.
  • Book dated 1960 and listed artist as ‘Benny Martin’ on Astro.  


As/ (, Owl 331 is a bootleg of Astra 109 (Darling Goodbye/This Is Why (I Love You) by Bennie Martin.

    • Both Owl 331 and Astro/Astra 109 are the same songs.
    • The Texas Astro label credits the Coastliners on #109 (1965).
      • The book’s listing on Astro 109 is likely an error.  


With noted credit to **Bennie Martin, the sides also appear on the Cliff Noble LP ‘Moonshot 601’ in 1968.


2 thoughts on “Bennie Martin

  1. So does anyone actually own this disc or has actually seen one? I’m wondering if it’s in fact just a myth or old clerical error or something. That this 45 never existed. However on PJ Noce’s YouTube channel, he has a video of a 45 playing that has the track Darling Goodbye, however the disc in the video has no label. I would love to know more about this if anyone has anything to add…

    Link to PJ’s video:

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