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Bennie Martin (& Group) – Darling Goodbye/ This Is Why I Love You, ’60 (Astro 109)

  • No scans found for Astro/Astra #109.
  • Book dated 1960 and listed artist as ‘Benny Martin’ on Astro.  


As/ (, Owl 331 is a bootleg of Astra 109 (Darling Goodbye/This Is Why (I Love You) by Bennie Martin.

    • Both Owl 331 and Astro/Astra 109 are the same songs.
    • The Texas Astro label credits the Coastliners on #109 (1965).
      • The book’s listing on Astro 109 is likely an error.  


With noted credit to **Bennie Martin, the sides also appear on the Cliff Noble LP ‘Moonshot 601’ in 1968.

(See comment below by Bobby Diskin who joins these two artists.)

5 thoughts on “Bennie Martin

  1. So does anyone actually own this disc or has actually seen one? I’m wondering if it’s in fact just a myth or old clerical error or something. That this 45 never existed. However on PJ Noce’s YouTube channel, he has a video of a 45 playing that has the track Darling Goodbye, however the disc in the video has no label. I would love to know more about this if anyone has anything to add…

    Link to PJ’s video:

  2. “Darling Goodbye” by Bennie Martin on Astro Records was booted in 1974 as “Goodbye” by the Continentals on OWL Records. Why the Continentals? Probably to add to the intrigue of the Astro release. But the original on Astro was done by the same guy who had a hit years later with “The Horse.” Yes, Cliff Nobles is Bennie Martin on Astro Records.

      • Cliff Nobles, on his album “Pony the Horse” on Moonshot Records, had a cover of this song, called Darling Goodbye. This version sounds very much like the version noted here. Another song, “That’s why I Love You”, also gives credit to Benny Martin as the lead singer. Could he be the one and the same Benny Martin. Both of these songs can be found on this album.

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