Bell Hops Groups

Bell Hops – Please Don’t Say No To Me/ Merchant Street Blues, ’56 (Tin Pan Alley 153-154)

(As/ Whitedoowopcollector, Frankie Tamburo, Harry Tamburo and Sal Tamburo became the Voxpoppers.)



Bell Hops (NY)

– Please Pretty Please/ Searching, ’57 (Tin Pan Alley 183-84)

(Not in book  Listen @

– Ring Dang Doo Ting A Ling/ Angela, ’58 (Barb 100)

– Teenage Years/ Carmella, ’58 (Barb 101-102)

Second Group gms: Paul La Rocca, Larry Bene & Chuck Bowman as/



Bell Hops (Alabama) (Buddy White & The) – For Your Love/ Who But A Fool, ’60 (The Wheeler Dealers 501)


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