Ballards (Billie Brown & The) – I See A Girl/ Why Baby Why, ’63 (Eltone 439) (No scan for a-side)




Ballards (ref Freddie Hughes) – I Hope I Never Fall In Love/ Do It Now (Veltone 1738) (No scans found.  Label spelling ‘Ballards’ might be an error as there are many references to Freddie Hughes’ connection to a group called The Ballads.  There is a bootleg CD (Veltone LP 1001) of Freddie Hughes’ work.  Two mentioned groups on the CD included in the book are The Markeets and The Cymbals (Calif))


Fabulous Ballads (ref Freddie Hughes) – God Bless Our Love (Part 1) (2:45)/ God Bless Our Love (Part 2), ’67 (Bay-View 11426 & Veltone LP 1001, 2000) (Not included in book.  This group also recorded for Vee Jay, Venture, Music City and other labels as the Ballad’s and then as The Ballads.)


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