Baby Washington

The book’s listings for Baby Washington solo recordings were limited to the following.  Only the Hearts were mentioned as a BB.  While uncredited on scans, all sources indicate BV are by the posted groups.


Baby Washington (BB The Hearts (Bronx/NY)-uncredited) – I Hate To See You Go/ Knock Yourself Out, ’59 (J&S 1632-33)


Baby Washington (BV The De Vaurs-uncredited) – The Bells (On Our Wedding Day)/ Why Did My Baby Put Me Down, ’59 (Neptune 104)


Baby Washington (BV The Plants (Baltimore) & The De Vaurs-uncredited) – Let’s Love In The Moonlight/ Work Out, ’59 (Neptune 107)


Baby Washington as Jeanette (Baby) Washington – Money’s Funny/ Nobody Cares (about me), ’61 (Neptune 122)


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