B (Unlisted Artists)

Bandmasters (Lou Ragland &) – Never Let Me Go/ Party At Lester’s {I}, ’64 (Way Out (No #) & Way Out 2605-6)

Banners – Fortune Tellers/ Sales Talk, ’60 (MGM 12862) (Book listed in error as Ban-Lons.)

Bells (Joe Van Loan Group) – What Can I Tell Her Now/ Let Me Love You, Love You, ’55 (Rama 166)

Bernie Leighton – Alibi Baby/ The Pal That I Loved Stole The Gal That I Loved, ’54 (Columbia 40344) (Book lists as Three Beaus And A Peep.  One listing was as ‘3 Beaus & A Peep with Bernie Leighton and His Orchestra’  No scans found.

Bette Watts (BB The Watts-uncredited (Male Group)) – Do Me A Favor/ Let It Be Me, ’60 (Wand 104)

Big Dee Irwin Dee Irwin – I Can’t Help It/ My One And Only Dream, ’66 (Astra 1024) (My One And Only Dream is a re-issue of Pastels on Mascot #123)

Billy Quad & The Ravens (Buffalo NY Label) – Someone To Love/ Listen To Me, ’64 (Sahara 108)

Blazons – Magic Lamp/ Little Girl, ’62 (Fanfare 5001 & Bravura 5001) (No scans found.  Book dated N/A.  All other sources date 1962.)

Blendors – Tell Me What’s On Your Mind/ When I’m Walkin’ With My Baby, ’61 (Decca 31284)

Blentones – Lilly/ Military Kick, ’59 (MGM 12782) (In error, the book spelled as Blendtones.)

Blue Boys (Jimmy Dotson & The) – I Wanna Know/ Looking For My Baby, ’58 (Zynn 511) (Book listed in error as Blue Dots (2))

Blue Chords – So Far Away/ The Mini Movement, ’67 (Reverb 6745)

Bluerays – Who (Will I Be Today)/ Come On Baby, ’64 (Philips 40186) (Book listed as Blue Rays.)

Blues Rockers – Calling All Cows/ Johnny Mae, ’55 (Excello 2062) (Book listed as Blue Rockers.)

Bob & The Avarones – Please Say You Want Me To [sic]/ Patti, ’66 (Brent 7054) (Book misspelled as Averones.)

Bob Hamiltons Group – Geraldine, ’96 (Relic 5043 (Best of Lu Pine) B2)

Bob Loye (& Group) – Loving Tree/ Another Mr Blue, ’63 (Wilshire 202)

Bobbi Lynn (& Group) – Tonight My Love/ Charleston, ’61 (CR 1002) (Book spelled as Bobby.)

Bobby Caver – Never Leave Me/ Roller Coaster, ’62 (Coral 62337) (Book spelled as Carver.)

Bobby Lester Solo – Lonely Hearts/ Am I The Man, ’59 (Checker 921)

Bobby Young (With Rick & The Masters-uncredited) – Only Girl For Me/ To Each His Own, ’63 (Guyden 2087)

Brooklyn Connection – Share (live), ’82 (50th UGHA Show Commemoration 45) (A-side is Broken Heart by the Bon-Aires.)

Bye-Byes – Do You/ Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Ruby Lips, ’59 (Mercury 71530) (Artist spelling and b-side title corrections.)


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