Planets Groups

Planets (Los Angeles) (Group was formerly Rhythm Aces.)

– Never Again/ Stand There Mountain, ’57 (Era 1038)

– Be Sure/ Wild Leaves, ’57 (Era 1049)



Planets (Georgia) (ft Jimmy Waller) – Sharin’ Lockers/ I Need You So, ’58 (Nu-Clear 7422)



Planets (Luna(r) (Corrao) & The) – Once In A Life Time/ Do You Get The Message, ’62 (Aljon 1244)

(Aljon is NY label.  Listing error in book as ‘Be Sure’ which is on Era 1049 and features Vince Howard.  See comment for scan title/artist verification.)



Planets (NY) – Mr Moon/ You Are My Sunshine, ’64 (Roulette 4551)


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    • Thanks for the ‘Once In A Lifetime’ youtube link. Do you have a scan for either side of Aljon 1244? Info for this release is scarce.

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