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The book listings were mixed with one group overrunning another.  Many sources repeated the confusion.  This posting has identified most group’s locations.



Majestics (Miami Group) – Nitey Nite/ Cave Man Rock, ’56 (Marlin 802)


Little Iris Culmer (BB The Majestics-Miami-uncredited) – Frankie, My Eyes Are On You/ Show Me The Way To Your Heart, ’56 (Marlin 803)



Majestics (Georgia Label) – Divided Heart/ Please Don’t Say No, ’58 (NRC 502)



Majestics (Chicago) (Kirk Taylor & The) – From Out Of This World/ You Didn’t Learn That In School, ’59 (Bandera 2507)



See… for more info on the Faro and Linda groups and their personnel.


Majestics (LA-1) (Chick Carlton & The) – I Want To Be A (TV Cowboy)/ So You Want To Rock, ’59 (Faro 592)


Atlantics as Majestics (LA-2) – Strange World/ Everything Is Gonna Be All Right, ’63 (Linda 111) (Chick Carlton was a member of the Atlantics.)


Majestics (LA-3) (BB Romancers LA)

– Girl Of My Dreams/ (I Love Her So Much) It Hurts Me, ’65 (Linda 121)

– Girl Of My Dreams, ’91 (Boardwalk 121)

Majestics error – Baby Let Me Bang Your Box, ’91 (Boardwalk 121) (Side is a cover of the Toppers (2) 1954 Jubilee release.  Label scan shows as credited to the Bangers.)



Majestics & The Nightwinds (Everett MA) – Sweet One/ The Lone Stranger, ’59 (Sioux 91459) (Label includes The Nightwinds.)


Majestics (Everett MA)

– Sweet One/ The Lone Stranger, ’59 (20th Century Fox 171, 20th Fox 171 & Foxie 7004) (Only found 20th Fox 171 label for The Lone Stranger and the Nightwinds are uncredited.) (Book listed these sides twice.)

– Symbol Of Love/ Two Purple Shadows (Recorded 1961), ’73 (Vintage 1002)



Majestics (Detroit) (First Group) – Teen Age Gossip/ Hard Times, ’60 (Contour 501)


Majestics (Detroit) (Second Group) as Johnny Mitchell & The Majaestic’s

– Shoppin And Hoppin/ Give Me A Cigarette, ’62 (Chex 1000)

– So I Can Forget/ Give Me A Cigarette, ’62 (Chex 1000)


Majestics (Detroit) (Second Group)

– Treat Me Like You Want To Be Treated/ Unhappy And Blue, ’62 (Chex 1004)

– Lonely Heart/ Gwendolyn, ’62 (Chex 1006) (One pressing isas Majestic’s.)

– Baby, ’62 (Chex 1009) (Scans I’ve seen are as Majestic’s.)

– Teach Me How To Limbo, ’62 (Chex 1009) (These scans were all as Majestics.)


Majestic’s (Texas) – Pennies For A Beggar/ Boom Da Da Boom, ’60 (Knight 105) (No b-side scan.  Some sources list title as Boom Da Da.)



Majestics (Trenton NJ) – Searching For A New Love/ Angel Of Love, ’61 (Jordan 123, Nu-Tone 123 & Pixie 6901)



Majestics (Chicago Label) – Oasis, Pt 1/ Oasis, Pt 2, ’61 (Chess 1802) {I} (Some sources say this group is from Detroit and include them with the other Detroit group..  If that is so, they recorded on the Chicago Chess label and made an impact in the Chicago area, charting at #28 on Chicago’s WLS.)



Majestics (Garage Rock Group) – Smile Through My Tears/ Love Has Forgotten Me, ’66 (MGM 13488)



Majestics (Manhattan) (Little Joe & The)

– Every Day Of The Week, ’66 (Relic LP 104 A05)

– Ave Marie, ’66 (Relic LP 104 A08)

– I’m So Young, ’66 (Relic LP 104 B02)

– Twilight as Majestics, ’66 (Relic LP 105 A05)

– This Magic Moment, ’66 (Relic LP 105 B06)


2 thoughts on “Majestics Groups

  1. I never relized there were so many groups call The MAJESTICS when I recorded “So You Want To Rock” on Faro Records in 1959, Steve, Jimmy, Paul and ‘Memo’. ( from top to bottom on the lable picture)
    Chick Carlton /facebook/ North Las Vegas, NV

    • What fun music we had in those days. Thanks for all your rocking tunes and the sense of humor. Nice idea for the Faro label pic.

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