Lovers Groups

Lovers (Female Vocal) – Don’t Touch Me/ Let Me Be The First To Know, ’56 (Decca 29862) (Writing credits:  Harry Noble Jr.  Have not heard either side.)



Lovers (ref Tarheel Slim & Little Ann Duets)

– Darling It’s Wonderful/ Gotta Whole Lot Of Lovin’ To Do, ’57 (Lamp 2005)

– I Wanna’ Be Loved/ Let’s Elope, ’57 (Lamp 2013)

– Tell Me/ Love Bug Bit Me, ’58 (Lamp 2018 & Aladdin 3419)

– Darling It’s Wonderful/ I Want Be Loved, ’62 (Imperial 5845 & Post 10007, ’63)

– Let’s Elope/ Tell Me, ’63 (Imperial 5960) (No scans found.)



Lovers (Casino Group) – Let’s/ Big Axe, ’58 (Casino 103) (No scans found.  Have not heard either side.)



Lovers (Hollywood) (Ray Frazier & The) error – King Of Lovers/ Darline, ’59 (Combo 161) (Scan for B-side is by Ray Frazier & The Blenders (Hollywood).  Comps for Combo are also as Ray Frazier & The Blenders.)



Lovers (Louisville KY) (Cliff Butler & The) – I Can’t Believe/ Everybody Needs Somebody, ’59 (Frantic 801)


Lovers (Louisville KY) (Peter Pete & The) (Music with The Travelers) – A Lonely Island/ Pistol Packing Mama, ’60 (Derby 1030)



Lovers (Hollywood CA) (Valentino & The) – I’m Gonna Love/ One Teardrop Too Late, ’60 (Donna 1345)



Lovers (Male Group-NY Label) – Strange As It Seems/ Party Line, ’61 (Keller 101)



Lovers (Middletown Conn) as Dom Mendola (BV by the ‘Lovers’) – You Are Welcome To My Heart, ’62 (MC B-003)

Lovers (Middletown Conn) as Dom Mendola – With All My Heart, ’62 (MC B-003)



Lovers (Little Louie & The) (ref Skyliners (Pittsburgh)) – Nothin’ But The Two-Step/ Someday, You’ll Pay, ’62 (Viscount 102) (Lou Christie is not connected to this group.  Little Louie was connected to the Skyliners.)



Lovers (Chicago) (Billy Love & The) – Legend Of Love/ Hold Me Close, ’64 (Dragon 4403) (See comments on for more info about the label history.)



Lovers (Agon Group) – Caravan Of Lonely Men/ In My Tenement, ’65 (Agon 1011) (The Agon label style is lettered like the Dragon label.)



Lovers (Soul Group) – Do This For Me/ Someone, ’66 (Gate 501 & Philips 40353)


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