Intervals Groups

Intervals (Los Angels) Group Members:  Cleve O’Dear (Lead / Tenor), La Valle Lee (Baritone), Denise Perrier (Soprano), La Monte Lee (Bass)

Intervals (Los Angeles) (w Chick Morris & His Band)

– Please Come Back To Me/ Don’t Leave Me, ’58 (Ad 103)

– Side Street/ I Still Love That Man, ’58 (Ad 104 & Apt 25019)

Intervals (Los Angeles) (Chick Morris’ Band) – Try To Realize/ Love Me Sweet, ’58 (Irma 820)



Note:  The following Intervals group, also from Los Angeles, was comprised of some members who later became part of the Fifth Dimension.

Intervals (West Coast) (ref Fifth Dimension)

– You Are My Only Love/ Funny How Time Goes By, ’62 (Class-Unreleased)

– Here’s That Rainy Day/ Wish I Could Change My Mind, ’62 (Class 304)


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