Inspirations Groups

Inspirations (New York)

– Raindrops (The Crying Song), ’56 (Apollo 494 & Relic LP 5080 (1-5)) (Relic isas Raindrops.)

– Maggie, ’56 (Apollo 494 & Relic LP 5080 (1-6))

– Pretty Mama (Recorded 1956), ’89 (Relic LP 5080 (1-7))



Inspirations (Philadelphia) – Dry Your Eyes/ Good By, ’56 (Jamie 1034)

Inspirations (Philadelphia) – Dry Your Eyes/ Good-Bye, ’62 (Jamie 1212)



Inspirations (California) (w Fats Gaines & Band) – Don’t Cry/ Indian Jane, ’58 (Lamp 2019) (Two members of The Marcels (Pittsburg CA group) were part of the Lamp Inspirations.  As the Marcels they had recorded Indian Jane for Music City-unreleased.  As/a youtube source (Inspirations gms are: Carlton Brown/Cedric Wilson (former Marcels) and Floyd White and Georges White.)



Inspirations (NY-Male) (The book lists the Sultan/Al-Brite/Beltone releases together.  All sound alike.  Youtube sources list the same gms as: Edward Jehamy Fred Trabulsi Theodore Barber James Ramsey Joseph Cavanna.)

– The Genie/ The Feeling Of Her Kiss, ’59 (Sultan 1)

– Angel In Disguise/ Stool Pigeon, ’60 (Al-Brite 1650-1651, Sparkle 102 & Gone 5097)

– The Girl By My Side/ Neckin’, ’63 (Beltone 2037) (No scans found.)



Inspirations (Springfield, Mass) (Ronnie Vare & The) – Let’s Rock Little Girl/ Love Is Just For Two, ’59 (Dell 5202-5203)



Inspirations (Los Angeles) (Bennie Bunn & The) (ref Sam Taylor) – If I Were A King/ In Desperation, ’59 (Eastman 790)



Andre (Bacon Fat) Williams (w The Inspirations (Detroit) & Joe Weaver & His Blue Note Orchestra) – I Still Love You, ’60 (Fortune 856)

Andre (Bacon Fat) Williams (w The Inspirations (Detroit)) – Jail House Blues, ’60 (Fortune 856)



Inspirations (Plattsburgh NY) (Ben F Everest-Vocal) – Ring Those Bells/ The Cumberland And The Merrimac, ’61 (Rondack 9787)



Maurice Williams & The Inspirations (Wilmington Delaware Label) – The Day Has Come/ Never Leave You Again, ’63 (Candi 1031) (ref Chavis & Barvis labels)



Inspirations (NY-Female) (Book listed group as Intensions.)

From label scans, the Black Pearl #s were issued with different sides.

– Touch Me, Hold Me Kiss Me/ Funny Situation, ’67 (Black Pearl 100)

– What Am I Gonna Do With You, Hey Baby, ‘67 (Black Pearl 102) (Sources say title is on A and B sides.)

– Touch Me, Hold Me Kiss Me/ What Am I Gonna Do With You, Hey Baby, ’67 (Black Pearl 711) (Some sources say this is the second issue of #100 with ‘What Am I Gonna Do With You, Hey Baby’ as the alternate B side.)



Inspirations (Brooklyn Label) – Aye-Yai-Yai/ My Inspiration, ’72 (Bim Bam Boom 109)


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