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Individuals (Los Angeles) (Johnny Staton Group)

– Met Her At A Dance/ Jungle Superman, ’59 (Show Time 595)

– Dear One (remake of Feathers version)/ Jungle Superman, ’59 (Show Time 598 & Red Fox 105, ’65)



Individuals (Sparrow Group) – Without Success/ That’s For Me, ’59 (Sparrow 100)

(The book lists I’ve Been Hurt as the B-side.  Flip scan is ‘That’s For Me.’)

(As well, Sparrow 100 is issued in 1964 for ’You Cheated’/ ‘Why Must I Cry’ credited to Beverly Noble.)


Individuals (Sparrow Group) error – Woo Woo Pretty Girl/ Servant, ’59 (Sparrow 101) (It appears to be a listing/publishing error.  These titles are done by the Indigos, the group listed before the Individuals.)



Individuals (Delwood Group) error – Here I Am, ’59 (Delwood) (No info found.) (See comment below and post for Detroit & The Intruders under the Intruders post.)



Individuals (Berkley CA) (Joe Blackwell & The) – Beverly My Darling, ’61 (Music City 838)

Individuals (Berkley CA) (Andy Taylor & The) – April Love, ’61 (Music City 838)



Chuck Rio & The Individuals (West Coast) – Cell Block #9/ If You Were The Only Girl In The World, ’61 (Tequila 103)


Merceedees (w The Individuals (Seattle WA)) – Please, Baby, Be Mine/ Not Me, ’62 (Gold Seal 1000)


Pookie Hudson With The Coasters as Individuals – Wedding Bells/ Pillow Wet With Tears, ’64 (Chase 1300)


2 thoughts on “Individuals Groups

  1. Individuals on Delwood listed in Complete Book Of Doo-wop could be an error for Intruders & Detroit (Dellwood 106777) tracks There She Goes/Let Me Love You. The lyrics of There She Goes may have given rise to a possible (incorrect) title of Here I Am?

    • As the book mistitled many entries, it is likely this is another error. The lyrics of ‘There She Goes’’ does contain ‘Here I Am” which sounds like an answer song title. Thanks for the research. I agree, you are correct and have added the group to the post.

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