Idols Groups

Idols (Deadwood SD) (Lil’ Joe Bonner & The) (Music by The Fabulous Playboys) – Tell Me Baby/ Do You Love Me, ’55 (B&S 1570)


Idols (New York NY) – You’re Good For Me/ That’s The Game To Play, ’58 (Redd-E 1017) (No scans.)


Idols (With Al Allen & His Orchestra) – The Prowler/ 30 Days, ’58 (RCA 7339)



Idols (LA Girl Group) – Just A Little Bit More, ’61 (Reveille 1002)

Idols (LA Girl Group) credited as The Swans – Why Must I Cry, ’61 (Reveille 1002)


Idols (LA Girl Group) – Just A Little Bit More/ Why Must I Cry, ’61 (Dot 16210) (Both sides credited to Idols.)



Idols (Lodi California) – Tell Me/ The Stars Will Remember, ’61 (Galaxie 77)


Idols (With The Luca Trio) (Rhode Island Label) – Jeannine/ Can’t Tag Along, ’61 (E-Z 1214)


Idols (Unknown Group) – I Love You (Collectables LP 5039)


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