Hy-Tones & Hytones Groups

Hy-Tones Quartet (NY) (Georgia Harris & The) – It’s Time To Rock, ’58 (Hy-Tone 111)

(The Book #’d as 117 but label confirms # as 111.  Let’s Exchange Hearts For Xmas by Georgia Harris & The Lyrics (Vocal Group) scans as Hy-Tone 111-AX as the flip.)


Hy-Tones (NY) – I’m A Fool/ Chinese Boogie, ’58 (Hy-Tone 120)


Georgia Harris & The Hy-Tones (Vocal Group)

– I’m A Fool/ I Want To Kiss You (Da-Da-Da Dum Dum), ’58 Hy-Tone 120)

– Let Me Hold Your Hand/ I Want To Kiss You (Da-Da-Da Dum Dum), ’58 (Hy-Tone 121)




Hytones (Tennessee) – Bigger And Better/ I’ve Got My Baby, ’66 (A-Bet 9415)


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