Hi-Lights & Hi-Lites

Hi-Lights – Oh Lover Of Mine/ Man On The Shelf, ’63 (JR 5003)



Hi-Lites (Unknown Origin) – I Found A Love/ Zanzee, ’54 (Okeh 7046)


Hi-Lites (Mercury) – The Next Four Years/ The Girl With The Bells, ’56 (Mercury 70987) (Book listed under Group (2))


Hi-Lites (Brunswick) – Friday Night, Go Go/ Chicka-Rocka-Chee-Chi-Cho (Cha Cha), ’58 (Brunswick 55102) (Book listed under Group (2))


Hi-Lites (Skippy & The) – Waiting To Take (You Home)/ Old Man River, ’58 (Stream-Lite 1027 & Elmor) (No information was found for the Elmor label.)


Hi-Lites (Atlanta) (ft Randy Hard) – Beach Baby/ One Love For Me, ’58 (Wonder 102)

Hi-Lites (Atlanta) (Randy Hard & The) – Honey Doll/ May It Be My Fortune, ’58 (NRC 013)


Hi-Lites (Hollywood?) (Roy Smith & The) – Love You So Much/ She’s Fine, ’59 (Nu-Tone 1182 & Key 1182) (Book also lists as Hilites (Roy Smith & The) on Nu Tone 1182.  All scans say ‘Hi-Lites’.)



Hi-Lites (Indianapolis) – The Pony Pt 1/ The Pony Pt 2, ’61 (Jet 501) (While a seller lists this for sale on Jet 501, the label scan of #501 shows different titles by Shorty Sergent.  No info was found for the posted titles.)


Hi-Lites (Indianapolis) – 4,000 Miles Away/ Woke Up This Morning, ’61 (Jet 502) (Label scan confirms artist is Hi-Lites.)



Hi-Lites (Danbury, Conn) as (Introducing) The Hi Lites – Gloria (My Darling)/ For Your Precious Love, ’62 (Julia 1105)

Hi-Lites (Danbury, Conn)

– Walking My Baby Back Home/ I’m Falling In Love, ’62 (Record Fair 500)

– For Your Precious Love/ (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, ’62 (Record Fair 501)


Hi-Lites (Danbury, Conn) (Dandee LP 206, ’62)

Side 1: – For Your Precious Love, Walkin’ My Baby Back Home, Zoom Zoom, To The Aisle, Gloria, Moonlight

Side 2: (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, Pretty Face, Maybe You’ll Be There, I’m Falling In Love, Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool, Zoop.


Hi-Lites Of Danbury, Conn.

– Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool/ Moonlight, ’76 (Monogram 119)

– Zoom, Zoom, Zoom/ To The Aisle, ’76 (Monogram 120))

– Pretty Face/ Maybe You’ll Be There ’76 (Monogram 121)

– Zoop, ’76 (Monogram 122) (Flip ‘Baby, Baby’ is by Jose’ & The Aztecs.)



Hi-Lites (NYC Label) (ft Hal Jaxon) – Twistin’ Time, ’62 (TwisTime 12)

Hi-Lites (NYC Label)Twistin’ Pony, ’62 (TwisTime 12)


Hi-Lites (Jersey City NJ) (Ronnie & The)

– I Wish That We Were Married/ Twistin’ And Kissin’, ’62 (Joy 260)

– Send My Love (Special Delivery)/ Be Kind, ’62 (Joy 265)

– Valarie/ The Fact Of The Matter, ’62 (Raven 8000) (A-side scans also spell as Valerie.)

– A Slow Dance/ What The Next Day May Bring, ’63 (Win 250 & Reo 8737) (The Reo label discography lists the group as Hilites.)

– The Fact Of The Matter/ You Keep Me Guessin’, ’63 (Win 251) (w The Corals is on the label.)

– High School Romance/ Uptown-Downtown, ’63 (Win 252)

– Too Young/ High School Romance, ’65 (ABC 10685)

– For Lovers/ What A Pretty Bride You’ll Be, ’82 (UGHA 16)



Hi-Lites (Toronto Trio) – Death Of An Angel/ Our Winter Love, ’63 (King 5730) (gm Harry Harding, Larry Sturino, Jimmy Nolan.  Bill Holms is featured on Harmonica.)



Hi-Lites (ref Chi-Lites) – I’m So Jealous/ The Mix Mix Song, ’64 (Daran 222) (Book listed as Hi Lites.)

Hi-Lites became Chi-Lites – I’m So Jealous/ The Mix Mix Song, ’65 (Blue Rock 4007)



Hi-Lites (Wassel) – Hey Baby/ Groovey {I}, ’65 (Wassel 701) (Male Group)


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