Four J’s Groups

Four J’s (Philadelphia) (Some group members become part of the Fabulous Four (Philadelphia.)

– Dreams Are A Dime A Dozen/ Kissin’ At The Drive-In, ’58 (Herald 528)

– Rock And Roll Age/ Be Nice, Don’t Fight, ’58 (United Artists 125)

– Here Am I Broken-Hearted/ Said That She Loved Me, ’64 (Jamie 1267)


Four J’s (Philadelphia) (ft Joey Roberts) – By Love Possessed/ My Love-My Love, ’64 (Jamie 1274)



Four J’s (Jacksonville FL) & The Fabulous Imperials – Class Ring, ’58 (Impra 1267 & MGM 12687) (Book listed as Four Jays with only the MGM label for which no label scan was found.  The Impra 1267 (Jacksonville, Florida) lists both titles and artists as they appear on the label.)


Four J’s (Jacksonville FL) as The Fabulous Imperials – Wierd [sic], ’58 (Impra 1267 & MGM 12687) (Sources listing the MGM label spell ‘Weird’ correctly.)



Four J’s (Girl Group) – The Nursery/ Will You Be My Love, ’63 (4-J 506) (gm; Brenda Holloway, Patrice Holloway, Pat Hunt and Priscilla Kennedy.)



4 J’s (NY) (ft Jr Pope) – Dreamin’/ Love My Love, ’69 (Congress 6003)


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