– Loving You/ Hotcha Cha-Cha Brown, ’60 (Felsted 8604)

– Jump And Bump/ What Do You Want If You Don’t Want Love, ’60 (Felsted 8607)

– Foot Stomping-Part 1/ Foot Stomping-Part 2 {I} by the The Ramrocks, ’61 (Felsted 8624) (There are scans as The Flares for both sides (black label).  On the orange label, The Ramrocks are credited.  The Ramrocks name might have to do with Buck Ram-Flair/Flares Manager.)

– Rock And Roll Heaven-Part 1/ Rock And Roll Heaven-Part 2, ’61 (Press 2800)

– Doing The Hully Gully/ Truck And Trailer, ’62 (Press 2802)

– Mad House/ Make It Be Me, ’62 (Press 2803)

– Do It With Me/ Yon He Go, ’63 (Press 2807)

– The Monkey Walk/ Do It If You Wanna, ’63 (Press 2810)


Flares (ft Belly Collins) – Hand Clappin’/ Shimmy And Stomp, ’61 (Press 2808)


Flares – Encore Of Foot Stomping’ Hits, ’63 (Press PR 73001 & London LP 8034) (Some other sources date 1961.)

Side 1 – Foot Stompin’, The Stroll, Doing The Watusi, Fish And Twist, The Pony, Jump And Bump.

Side 2 – Truck And Trailer, Huckle-Buck, Doing The Hully Gully, The Twist, Shake, Shimmy And Stroll, Sock Hop.

(A track listing for London #8034 varies from the Press release.  No scan found.)


Flares (Cookie Jackson & The) – I Didn’t Lose A Doggone Thing/ Write A Song About Me (Press 2814) (The book dated N/A.)



Note:  Willie Davis appeared as Willie Pepper.

Flares (Lead Aaron Collins) as The Cadets (LA) – I’m Looking For A Job, ’60 (Sherwood 211)

Flares (Lead Willie Davis) as Bennie Bunn & The Cadets (LA) – You Must Be An Angel, ’60 (Sherwood 211)


Flares (Lead Willie Davis) as The Cadets (LA) – Car Crash, ’60 (Jan-Lar 102 & Firefly 328, ’74)

Flares (Lead Aaron Collins) as The Cadets (LA) – Don’t, ’60 (Jan-Lar 102 & Firefly 328, ’74)


Flares (Willie Davis Group) as Peppers (Los Angeles) – One More Chance/ A Place In My Heart, ’61 (Ensign 1076)

Flares (Lead Aaron Collins) as Peppers (Los Angeles) – It Wouldn’t Be The Same/ Little Piece Of Paper, ’63 (Press 2809)


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