Five Sharks/5 Sharks (NY Acapella) & Sharks Quintet

Five Sharks (NY Acappella Group) (This group is unconnected to the Sharks Quintet.)

– Gloria/ Flames, ’64 (Old Timer 604, Siamese 404, ’65 & Old Timer 611, ’65)

– Stand By Me/ I’ll Never Let You Go, ’64 (Old Timer 605)

– The Lion Sleeps Tonight/ Land Of A 1000 Dances, ’66 (Amber 852)

– Let’s Not Break Up/ Up On The Roof, ’86 (Starlight 34)


Five Sharks (NY Acappella Group) as 5 Sharks

– Stormy Weather (Short-2.48 & Long Versions)/ If You Love Me, ’64 (Times Square 35A & Relic 525, ’65) (Two different labels were found.  Neither listed times.  One seller says someone told him the rainbow-colored release is the short version.  It is unconfirmed which is which or if they are different at all.)

Because the book limited the Five Sharks discography, see for more info.



Sharks Quintet

Sharks Quintet (ft Dino Geangelo) – Shirley/ I’ll Be Home, ’75 (Broadway 1128)

Sharks Quintet (ft Buzzy Garland) – The Glory Of Love/ You Belong To Me, ’76 (Broadcast 1132)

There is no relationship between the Five Sharks/5 Sharks.



Sharks – Blueberry Hill/ I Love You For Sentimental Reasons, ’75 (Clifton 10) (Information found indicated the group is connected to the Sharks Quintet.  Have not heard either side.)


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