Five C’s Groups

Five C’s (Gary Indiana) (Gms/Marv Goldberg: Clarence Anderson, Curtis ‘Tab’ Nevils & Carlos Patterson.)

– Tell Me/ Whoo-Wee Baby, ’54 (United 172)

– My Heart’s Got The Blues/ Goody, Goody, ’55 (United 180

– There’s No Tomorrow, ’81 (P-Vine Special LP 9036 (A5))

– I Long For You, ’81 (P-Vine Special LP 9036 (A6))

– Only By You (I Want To Be Loved), ’81 (P-Vine Special LP 9036 (B6))

– Going My Way, ’81 (P-Vine Special LP 9036 (B7))

(The book only listed unreleased tracks on the P-Vine Special LP.  Some original tracks are different versions.)



Five C’s (Memphis) – Love Is A Tricky Thing/ If You’re Looking For A Man, ’68 (Goldwax 334) (To avoid confusing this group with the Gary Indiana group, these Five C’s are posted.  Confirmation is needed for their gms as: William Morgan, Dave Hall, James Cortese OR D Hall, Quinton Claunch & Rudolph Russell.  They are not listed in the book and I have not heard either side.)


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