Fabulons Groups

Fabulons (Connecticut)

– Smoke From Your Cigarette/ Give Me Back My Ring, ’60 (Ember 1069)

– Connie/ This Is The End, ’63 (Benson-Ritco 100 & Benson 100)


Fabulons (Connecticut) as Gleems – Sandra Baby/ You Are The One, ’63 (Parkway 893)



Fabulons (Jo-Dee Group) – Lonely Boy/ Trying, ’63 (Jo-Dee 1001) (Female lead on A-side, male lead on B-side.)



Tikis & Fabulons

– For Your Love/ Take A Look, ’65 (Panorama 13) (No scans found.  Not listed in book.)

– Cherry Pie/ Take A Look, ’65 (Tower 181) (Not listed in book.)


Fabulons (w The Tikis-uncredited) (Portland Oregon) – Since You’ve Been Gone/ Don’t Ask Me, ’66 (Tower 259) (Group was formed by combining the Tikis (Terry McKinley, Mike Roholt, Jim Wilson (Drums), Dan Schilling (Keys) and John DuVal) and the Fabulons (Dale Coloma [sp?] and Ollie Smith.)  They were known as the Tikis and Fabulons.)



Fabulons (Salem Oregon) (Bobby Winslow & The) – House Of Tears/ Miss Fabulous, ‘62 (Fabulous 1001) (No known association with Portland Tikis & Fabulons.)


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