Excellents/Excellons & Ultimates/Excellents

Excellents (Bronx) (Lead Denis Kestenbaum) – When The Red, Red Robin, Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin Along/ Love No One But You, ’61 (Mermaid 106)


Excellent (Bronx) – Coney Island Baby (Lead John Kuse)/ You Baby You, ’62 (Blast 205)


Excellent (Bronx) – On The Corner LP 135 1990 (Crystal Ball affiliate)

Side A:  You Baby You, Red Red Robin (2:19), Love No One But You (Acappella-2:21), Geraldine (previously unreleased), Lorraine (previously unreleased), Gloria (previously unreleased), Sunday Kind Of Love.

Side B:  Coney Island Baby (2:08), Love No One But You (1:58), White Cliffs of Dover, Biggest Mistake (Alt Version-2:44), Red Red Robin (Acap-2:08), She’s Not Coming Home (previously unreleased), Helene (previously unreleased-Original Acappella Version-2:24)

(Underscored titles were listed in the book.)


Excellents (Bronx) as Excellons – Helene (Your Wish Came True)/ Sunday Kind Of Love, ’64 (Bobby 601 & Old Timer 601) (Old Timer label titles B-side as A Sunday Kind Of Love (Fast Version))


Excellents (Bronx) as Excellons – Sunday Kind Of Love, ’65 (Relic LP 101 A07)


(gms: John Kuse (Lead / Second Tenor), George Kuse (First Tenor), Phil Sanchez (Falsetto), Joel Feldman (Baritone), Denis Kestenbaum (Lead / Baritone/ 2nd Tenor) & Chuck Epstein (Bass)



Ultimates (NY-Bronx) – I Can Tell You Love Me Too/ Lonely Night, ’61 (Envoy 2302)


as Excellents – Why Did You Laugh/ I Hear A Rhapsody, ’62 (Blast 207)


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  1. The Mermaid release of “Red Red Robin”/”Love No One But You” was the Bronx Excellents first release and it came out in 1961. The lead on both sides was by group member Denis Kestenbaum. On “Coney Island Baby” John Kuse was the lead.

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