Excellents/Excellons & Ultimates/Excellents

Excellents (Bronx)

– White Cliffs Of Dover, ’61 (Unreleased & Crystal Ball LP 135)

– She’s Not Coming Home, ’61 (Unreleased & Crystal Ball LP 135)

– Coney Island Baby/ You Baby You, ’62 (Blast 205)

– When The Red, Red Robin, Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin Along/ Love No One But You, ’63 (Mermaid 106)


Excellents (Bronx) as Excellons – Helene (Your Wish Came True)/ Sunday Kind Of Love, ’64 (Bobby 601 & Old Timer 601) (Old Timer label titles B-side as A Sunday Kind Of Love (Fast Version))

Excellents (Bronx) as Excellons – Sunday Kind Of Love, ’65 (Relic LP 101 A07)



Ultimates (NY-Brooklyn) – I Can Tell You Love Me Too/ Lonely Night, ’61 (Envoy 2302)


as Excellents – Why Did You Laugh/ I Hear A Rhapsody, ’62 (Blast 207)


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