Escorts Groups

Many groups recorded as the Escorts.  The book mixes one group with another and sources vary on what is correct.  Groups posted here provide some separation and additional information found.


Escorts (Pennsylvania) (With Kay) – Oh, Honey!/ You Won’t Be Satisfied (Till You Break My Heart), ’54 (Essex 372)


Escorts (Pennsylvania) (With Kay) – Paradise Hill, ’54 (Essex 383) (See comment for scans.)

Escorts (Pennsylvania) – Bluebird Of Happiness, ’54 (Essex 383) (See comment for scans.)


Escorts (Pennsylvania) (w Music by Joe Kuhn) – I’ve Been Thinkin’, ’55 (Essex 389) (Book does not list B-side.  Some sources list as ‘This Is No Laughing Matter’ but it is not confirmed.)



Escorts (Roselle NJ) – Sorry/ It’s Love To Me, ’56 (Premium 407) (See comment for a-side scan.)



Escorts (Memphis) – Misty Eyes/ Arrow Two Hearts, ’57 (OJ 1010)

Escorts (Memphis) (Bobby Chandler & The) – Winter Time/ Junior Prom, ’58 (OJ 1012)



Escorts (NJ)

– Bad Boy/ Tore Up Over You, ’57 (RCA EP 6834-A1)

– So Hard To Laugh, So Easy To Cry/ Lonely Man, ’57 (RCA 6963)



Debs & The Escorts (Josie Label) – Crew Cuts (We Like), ’58 (Josie 833) (Neither the Debs (Juvenile) or the Escorts (young male) match other groups of the same names.  Flip is Swingin’ Sam by the Pastels.)



Escorts (New York) (Don Crawford & The) – Why Why Why/ Ugly Duckling, ’58 (Scepter 1201)



Escorts (Wells Label) – One More Kiss Goodnight/ Oo-Ba-Ba-Do, ’59 (Wells 102)



Escorts (Atlanta GA Label) (ref Ray McArthur) – My First Year/ Clap Happy, ’59 (Judd 1014)



Escorts (NY Label) – I Will Be Home Again/ Leaky Heart & His Red Go-Kart, ’60 (Scarlet 4005) (Also found scans as ‘Leaky Hart & His Red Go-Kart’.)



Escorts (Dell & The) (Male Lead) – You Don’t Love Me/ Skokian, ’60 (Symbol 913) (See comment for a-side scan link.)



Escorts (NY) (Del & The) (Male Backing Group) – Baby Doll/ Someone To Watch Over Me, ’61 (Rome 103)



Escorts (Cedar Rapids Iowa) – Judy Or Jo Ann/ Main Drag {I}, ’61 (Soma 1144)


Escorts (Cedar Rapids Iowa) (Roger Booth-Vocal)

– I Found Love/ I Wanna Do It, ’63 (Fredlo 6311)

– The Wobble Drum/ On Top Of Old Smokey, ’64 (Fredlo 6403)

– Heart Of Mine/ Twelfth Of Never, ’64 (Fredlo 6416)


Escorts (Cedar Rapids Iowa) (Roger Booth & The) – Space Walk/ You’re The One (Zorch 101)


became The Do’s And The Don’ts (Cedar Rapids Iowa)

– Woman/ No One To Talk My Troubles To (Zorch 106)

– Let The Sun Shine Free/ She’s Walking Out of [sic] Life (Zorch 107)

– I Wonder If She Loves Me/ Our Love May Not Live Again, ’66 (Red Bird 10-072)

(For info on the group(s) see’s_&_The_Don’ts_….)



Escorts (Male Group-Brooklyn) (ref Phil Tanno) – Happy/ You’re For Me (And I’m For You), ’61 (Taurus 350-1)



Escorts (Syracuse NY) (Felix & The) (gm Felix Cavaliere) – The Syracuse/ Save, ’62 (Jag 685)



Escorts (Brooklyn) (Lead Rodney Garrison)

– Gloria/ Seven Wonders Of The World, ’62 (Coral 62302)

– As I Love You/ Gaudeamus, ’62 (Coral 62317)


Escorts (Brooklyn) (Lead Goldie Zelkowitz) – Somewhere/ Submarine Race Watching, ’62 (Coral 62336)


Escorts (Brooklyn) (ft ‘Goldie’) – One Hand, One Heart/ I Can’t Be Free, ’63 (Coral 62349)


Escorts (Brooklyn) (Goldie & The) – Back Home Again/ Something Has Changed Him, ’63 (Coral 62372)


Escorts (Brooklyn) (Lead Bobby Lance) – My Heart Cries For You/ Give Me Tomorrow, ’63 (Coral 62385)



Escorts (Arranged by Jack Nitzsche) – You Can’t Even Be My Friend/ Itchy Coo, ’63 (RCA 8228)



Escorts (Nashville) (Charlie McCoy & The) – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/ My Babe, ’64 (Monument 842)


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