Echoes & Echos Groups

Echoes (Miami FL)

– All That Wine Is Gone/ Please Say You’re Mine, ’53 (Rockin’ 523) (No scans found.  Both book and label discographies spell as Echoes.)

– Please Come Back, ’53 (Rockin’-unreleased)


as Echos – Please Come Back/ All That Wine Is Gone, ’60 (DeLuxe 6001) (Scans found.  Info is that recording is 1955 and DeLuxe release is early 70s.  DeLuxe #6001 is used several times for different artists.)



Echoes (California) (Unknown Lead) – My Little Honey/ Aye Senorita, ’56 (Combo 128)


Echoes (California) as Sonny Roberts & The Echoes – Honey Chile/ I’ll Never Let You Go, ’56 (Impala 1001) (Some members become Poets on the Shade and Spot labels.)


Echoes (California) (Lead Darlene Wright) – Over The Rainbow/ Someone, ’57 (Specialty 601)


Clydie King (BV The Echoes-California-uncredited) – Our Romance/ Written On The Wall, ’57 (Specialty 605)


Echoes (California) – Have A Heart, ’87 (Relic LP 5069-Best Of Combo (2-2)) (Not on California Echoes’ biographies.)

Echoes (California) (Lead Marzetta Freeman) – Take My Hand, ’88 (Relic LP 5076-Best Of Combo (2-2)) (Recorded in 1956 but unreleased.)



Echoes (Connecticut) (ref Vinny Catalano) – Ding Dong/ My Heart Beats For You, ’57 (Gee 1028)


Benny Barnes (w The Echoes (Beaumont TX)) – Lonely Street/ Moon Over My Shoulder, ’58 (Mercury 71284)


Echoes (Savoy Group) (Frankie & The) – Come Back Baby/ Until We Meet Again, ’58 (Savoy 1544)


Echoes (Philadelphia) – Scratch My Back/ The Little Green Man, ’58 (Swan 4013)



Innocents (as) The Echoes (San Fernando CA) – Time/ Dee-Dee-Di-Oh, ’59 (Andex 22102)

Innocents – Time/ Dee-Dee-Di-Oh, ’62 (Indigo 141)



Echoes (Milwaukee-Illinois Label) – Sleep Beauty Sleep/He Won’t Tell, ’59 (USA 1215) (Male group.  They are possibly backed by the Nobelmen [sic].  Book listed as Noblemen (1))


Echoes (New Orleans) (Jerry Starr & The) – Teenage Tangle {I}/ Do Be True, ’59 (Ron 321)


Bonnie Guitar & Don Robertson as The Echoes (Seattle) – Born To Be With You/ My Guiding Light, ’60 (Dolton 18)


Echoes (Edco Group) – Without You/ Heartbeat, ’60 (Edco 100)



Echoes (Tennessee) (BV Anita Kerr Singers-uncredited) (see Eddie Sulik bio at

– Bye-Bye- My Baby/ Do I Love You? (‘Deed I Do), ’60 (Columbia 41549)


Echoes (Ed & George) (BV Anita Kerr Singers-uncredited) – Loving And Losing/ Ecstasy, ’60 (Columbia 41709) (Eddie Sulik & George Kiriakis)



Echoes (Brooklyn) (First Group)

– Baby Blue/ Boomerang, ’61 (SRG 101 & Seg-Way 103)

– Sad Eyes/ It’s Rainin’, ’61 (Seg-Way 106)

– Angel Of My Heart/ Gee Oh Gee, ’61 (Seg-Way 1002)


Echoes (Brooklyn) (Second Group)

– Bluebirds Over The Mountain/ A Chicken Ain’t Nothin’ But A Bird, ’62 (Smash 1766)

– Keep An Eye On Her/ A Million Miles From Nowhere, ’63 (Smash 1807)

– Annabelle Lee/ If Love Is, ’63 (Smash 1850)


Echoes (Brooklyn) (Third Group)

– I Love Candy/ Paper Roses, ’65 (Ascot 2188)

– I Love Candy, ’82 (Jason Scott 20) (Flip is ‘Cinderella’ credited as Gary Kay & The Passions.)


Echoes (Brooklyn) as Red Hook Echoes – Land Of Rock And Roll/ One Night Too Late, ’82 (Crystal Ball 150 (Waiting For The Ultimate Tan (Side B)) (Book listed as Echos.  Gms/ EP Jacket: Harry Boyle, Colin McRory, Terry Kawles, Hurricane Carla.))



Echoes (Vidalia GA) (Billy & The) – Bodacious Twist/ Come Softly {I}, ’62 (Gala 121) (Billy Adkinson)



Echoes (Ohio) (Lee Roberts With The) – School Days/Echoe II {I}, ’64 (Spotlight 101-Ohio) (The Ohio Spotlight label is also #’d 101 but has a 1964 date with the Echoes credited on the label.  Both #101 artists are also ‘Roberts.’)


Alan Roberts – Walkin’ With Love/Janice, ’60 (Spotlight 101-New York) (The label lists Alan Roberts as the artist without any group affiliation.  Artist spelling is ‘Alan.’)



Echoes (NY-Baltimore) as Tommy Vann – Too Young/ Give A Little Bit, ’66 (Academy 118)


Echoes (NY-Baltimore) (Tommy Vann & The)

– Pretty Flamingo/ I’ll Forget Her Tomorrow, ’66 (Academy 120

– Is This Love (Catching Up To Me)/ What Can You Do With A Broken Heart, ’66 (Academy 123)

– I’m Hoping You’ll Be Mine/ Baby That’s No Lie, ’66 (Hollywood 101)



Five Echoes as Echoes-Chicago – Soldier Boy/ Down The Road I Go, ’82 (4 Hits EP 11)



Echos (Mitch & The) – One Chance/ I Could Cry, ’63 (Bethlehem 3077) (Book listed as Echoes (12))



Echo’s (Latrobe PA) – Angel Of Love/ Twistin’ Town, ’61 (Hi-Tide 106)

as Echos – Twistin’ Town/ Angel Of Love, ’61 (Felsted 8614)



Ekhoes (Con Pierson & The) – I Heard Those Bells/ Six Pretty Girls, ’64 (LeMans 007) (All scans found are as ‘Ekhoes’ and not ‘Echoes.’  Was there a pressing as ‘Echoes’ on LeMans??)


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