Earls (DC)

Earls (DC) – Believe Me, My Love/ Spinnin’, ’54 (Gem 221 & Crystal 100-reissue)


Earls (DC) (w Frank Motley & His Crew) – My Marie, ’75 (Gem 227) (This is thought to be recorded in 1954 but unreleased.)

Earls (DC) (without Musical Accompaniment (Just ‘Dicey’ on Guitar)) – Out Of This World, ’75 (Gem 227)


Earls (DC) as Frank (Dual Trumpet) Motley & His Crew (Vocal-Paul Crawford) – Let Me Back In There Again, ’56 (D-C 0400) (Flip is said to be Diggin’ In The Ground.)


Earls (DC) (Paul Crawford & The) (w Frank Motley & His Crew) – Love Tears, ’74 (Roadhouse 1009) (Scan found for Love Tears.  Flip ‘Don’t Leave My Broken Heart’ is by Parakeets (DC) (w Frank Motley Orch)-no scan found.)


Earls (DC) (Paul Crawford & The) – I’m All Alone, ’74 (Roadhouse 1021)

Earls (DC) – Good Lovin’ Mamma, ’74 (Roadhouse 1021) (Book listed as ‘Good Lovin’ Man’.)


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