Dolphins Groups

Dolphins (NY) (Dougie & The) – Yesterday’s Dreams/ Double Date, ’59 (Angle Tone 542) (No scans found.)

Dolphins (NY) – Tel Tale Kisses/ I Found True Love, ’60 (Shad 5020)



The Davy/Davey Jones group of Dolphins might be two different groups.  Only one scan was found for Audicon as ‘Davy’ and it is an assumption the Sinclair and Audicon groups are the same.  The Tower 4527 scan was as ‘Davey’ and the label is located in California.


Dolphins (NY Label) as Davy Jones & The Dolphins

– The Bullfight/ Strictly Polynesian {I}, ’61 (Audicon 116)

– Love Is Strange/ Velvet Waters, ’61 (Audicon 117)

– Dance Dance, Little Girl Dance/ Annabelle-Lee, ’61 (Sinclair 1005) (No scans found.)


Dolphins (California-Soundtrack Grp) as Davey Jones & The Dolphins – Hell Cats/ The Only Way To Fly, ’68 (Tower 4527) (Scan found for A-side.  The Hellcats Soundtrack lists the group as ‘Davy Jones & The Dolphins.’)



Dolphins (Texas) (Doc & The) – Something About You Darling/ Topless Bathing Suit, ’61 (Dino 2)



previously Dual Tones – Bubble Gum Bop!/ I’ll Belong To You, ’60 (Sabre 204) (See for comments linking these two group names.

Dolphins (NYC Area) – Rainbow,s [sic] End/ One More For The Road, ’61 (Empress 102) (Another pressing isas ‘Rainbow’s End.’)



Dolphins (Chicago)

– Dance/ Pony Race, ’62 (Tip Top 2003 & Gemini 501)

– It Might Break Your Heart/ Why Will You Break My Heart, ’62 (Tip Top 2005) (Youtube post lists title as ‘Why Did You Break My Heart.  The spinning scan was not possible to read.)



Dolphins (ref Frank Cari) – Hang On {I}/ Swingin’ Soiree {I}, ’63 (Laurie 3202)



Dolphins (Cincinnati, OH)

– Hey-Da-Da-Dow/ I Don’t Want To Go On Without You, ’64 (Fraternity 937)

– Little Donna/ Beautiful Woman, ’65 (Fraternity 940)



Dolphins (East Coast White Group) – Surfin’-East Coast/ I Should Have Stayed, ’66 (Yorkshire 125) (On Yorkshire #128 they also recorded ‘Endless’ & There Was A Time’ as the Dolphins.  Some members relocated to Texas and recorded as the Chains.  This group of Chains’ recordings are not included in the book.)


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