Dial Tones/Dial-Tones/Dialtones

Dial Tones (BB The Raymen-uncredited) – So Young/ Chicago Bird, ’63 (Lawn 203)


Dial-Tones (Syracuse NY) – Again/ Cherry Pie, ’59 (Dandy Dan 1) (Some date 1963)


Dialtones (Louisiana) (Johnny Bersin & The) – The Only Girl/ I Don’t Feel That Way, ’59 (Jin 117) (No scans found.)

Dialtones (Louisiana) (Johnny & The) – I Ran Around/ My Dream Love, ’60 (Jin 134) (No scans found.)


Dialtones (NY) – ‘Till I Heard It From You/ Johnny, ’60 (Goldisc 3005 & Goldisc 3020, ’61) (gms: Rosalie Calindo, Dominick and Frank Safuto and Eddie Scala.  Some members became part of Randy & The Rainbows.)

Billie Daye – When A Girl Gives Her Heart To A Boy/ Twenty Four Hours, ’61 (Bliss 1002)  (As/Whitedoowopcollector, Rosalie Calindo is the lead on Twenty Four Hours.  She also sounds like the lead on the a-side with the other Dialtones as the BV on both sides.)


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