Desires Groups & Jive Tones

Desires (NYC Female Group) – Bobby You/ Cold Lonely Heart, ’58 (Herald 532)



Desires (ref Regents) (As a group nothing was released under their name until the Seville 118 sides in 1962.  Barbara-Ann was recorded by them in 1958 and released by the Regents in 1961 under the Regents name.  The Desires were comprised of various members and some became the Regents.)

– Barbara-Ann, ’58 (Unreleased)

– Teenage Love, 58 (Unreleased)

– Story Of Love/ I Ask You, ’62 (Seville 118)



Desires (NY) (ref Jim Whittier) (The relationship between the Jive Tones and Desires (NY) is that Jim Whittier was a member of both groups.)

– Let It Please Be You/ Hey Lena, ’59 (Hull 730)

– Rendezvous With You/ Set Me Free (My Darling), ’60 (Hull 733)

– Me And You (Hull-Unreleased)

– Coast Of Red (Hull-Unreleased)

– A Talk To Mother (Hull-Unreleased)

– I Love Paris (Hull-Unreleased)

– Sidewalks Of New York (Hull-Unreleased)

– So Close To An Angel (Hull-Unreleased)


Jive Tones (ref Jim Whittier)

– Ding Ding Dong/ Geraldine, ’58 (Apt 25020) (In error, the book also listed these sides on Rhythm 5001.  #5001 ‘You Know Baby/ Geraldine’ is by The Fabulous Swing Tones.)

– Zip Zip (Apt-Unreleased)

– When (Apt-Unreleased)



Desires (Bronx-NY) (w Vince Catalano Orch) – I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do)/ Longing, ’60 (20th Fox 195) (Young teen group.)


Desires (Chicago Label) – Need Someone/ Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha, Ha, ’62 (Moneytown 602) (Dee Impulse is also listed as a label but nothing definitive was found.)


Desires (Harlem? NY) – There I Go Again/ I Never Loved Like This, ’62 (Smash 1763)


Desires (Rhode Island) – The Girl For Me/ Phyllis Beloved, ’62 (Dasa 102)


Desires (Rosko & The) – Pledging My Love/ The B.M.T., ’63 (Domain 1021)


Desires (Los Angeles) (Julie & The) (BV The Blossoms) (ref Sherrell Townsend) – Kiss And Tell/ Sand Dune, ’64 (Zig-Zag 101 & Laurie 3266)

(Zig-Zag and Laurie b-side promo scans found.)


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