Debonaires, Debonairs & De’Bonairs Groups

Debonaires (Long Island NY)

– Won’t You Tell Me/ I’m Gone, ’56 (Gee 1008) (No scans found.)

– We’ll Wait/ Make Believe Lover, ’59 (Gee 1054)

– Best Love/ I’d Climb The Highest Mountain (Gee-Unreleased) (No scans.)



Five Debonaires – Darlin’/ Whispering Blues, ’57 (Herald 509)

Five Debonaires as Debonaires (Atlanta) – Darling/ Whispering Blues, ’57 (Herald 509)

This is the only release by this group as either the Five Debonaires or Debonaires.  They are from Atlanta and unconnected to the Debonaires on Gee.



Debonaires (Connecticut) – This Must Be Paradise/ I Need You Darling, ’58 (Elmont 1004)



Debonaires (Girl Group-PA) – Every Other Day/ Jivin’ Guy, ’59 (Maske 804)



Debonaires (California)

– Every Once In A While/ Mama Don’t Care, ’59 (Dore 526)

– Every Once In A While/ Gert’s Skirt, ’61 (Dore 592)

– Hold Back The Dawn/ Mama Don’t Care, ’62 (Dore 654)


Debonaires (California) as Debonairs

– Every Once In Awhile/ Gert’s Skirt, ’63 (Dore 702)

– Everybody’s Movin’/ Mama Don’t Care, ’64 (Dore 712) (Scan found.)


Debonaires (California) as Jades (Long Beach) – Hold Back The Dawn/ When They Ask About You, ’63 (Dore 687) (No scan for b-side.)



Debonaires (Detroit)

– Please Don’t Say We’re Through/ A Little Too Long, ’64 (Golden World 17)

– Please Don’t Say We’re Through/ Eenie, Meenie, Gypsaleenie, ’65 (Golden World 26)

– How’s Your New Love Treating You/ Big Time Fun, ’66 (Golden World 38)

– COD (Collect On Delivery)/ How’s Your New Love Treating You, ’66 (Golden World 44)



Debonaires (Indiana) (Dickie & The) – Please Mr Disc Jockey/ Yo Yo Girl, ’60 (Valli 302) (Book dated 1965.)

as Debonairs (Dickie & The) – Yoyo Girl/ Please Mr Disc Jockey, ’79 (Jason Scott 19) (Book dated 1982.)



Debonaires (Unknown Group) – In The Rain (Tobin 340)



Debonaires (Funk Group) – I Want To Talk About It (World) Pt 1/ I Want To Talk About It (World) Pt 2, ’67 (Galaxy 787)




Debonairs (Chicago) Note:  While listing as separate groups the book is correct.  A thoroughly researched article by Marv Goldberg linked the groups together and further noted spelling oddities.

Debonairs (Chicago) as De’Bonairs

– Lanky Linda/ Mothers Son, ’56 (Ping 1000)

– Say A Prayer For Me/ Cracker-Jack Daddy, ’56 (Ping 1001)


Debonairs (Chicago) – Fools Love/ Ah-La-La, ’61 (B&F 1353)

Debonairs (Chicago) as The Teeners backing Lulu [sic] Reed – Give Me The Right/ Anything To Say You’re Mine, ’58 (Argo 5298)



Debonairs (Hollywood)

– (Why Can’t We Be) As Other Lovers Are/ The Bill Collector, ’57 (Combo 129) (No b-side scan.)

– Cause Of A Bad Romance/ For The Woman I Love, ’58 (Combo 149) (Repo scan found.)


Debonairs (Hollywood) as Debonaires – Cause Of A Bad Romance, ’87 (Relic LP 5069 (2-4))

The book and many sources spell the group name as ’Debonairs’.  On the Combo Vocal Groups Vol 2 jacker cover, the spelling is ’Debonaires’, with most sources listing the contents as ’Debonairs.  No back cover was found.



Debonairs (Philadelphia) – Crazy Kind Of Love/ To Be Without You, ’60 (Winter 502)



Debonairs (Ohio) (Danny & The) – I Guess I’m Through With Love, ’61 (Debonair 2250) (Book listed as Debonaires (Bob & The))

Debonairs (Ohio) (Bob & The) – So Blue, ’61 (Debonair 2251) (Book listed as Debonaires.)


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