Crescents Groups

Crescents (Cleveland) (Billy Wells & The) – Julie/ I Love Only You, ’56 (Reserve 105)

Crescents (Cleveland) as Wigs – You’re Sweeter Than Wine/ Chicken Switch, ’64 (Golden Crest 592) (Lead: Arthur Blackley replaced Billy Wells.)



Pat Cordel & The Crescents – My Tears/ Darling Come Back, ’56 (Club 1011)

Pat Cordel & The Elegants (ref Vito Picone) – My Tears/ Darling Come Back, ’59 (Michele M-503)

Pat Cordel & The Crescents (Later Known As The Elegants) (w Cherokee & Band) – My Tears/ Darling Come Back, ’63 (Victory 1001)



Crescents (NY) as Cresents – Everybody Knew But Me/ You Have No Heart, ’57 (Joyce 102 & Last Chance 112, ’72)


Crescents (NY) – Rosemarie/ You Have No Secrets, ’57 (Joyce 104) (Book listed as Roseann.  No scans found.  Joyce label discog provided the additional information.)



Crescents (NJ) as Dick Watson – Be On The Lookout For The Woman/ Groovy, ’62 (Gone 5144) (Some scans found credit Dick Watson & The Crescents.)



Crescents (Unknown Origin) (The group is unrelated to the Lee Gordon/Leedon label group.)

– Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ Johnny Won’t Run Around, ’63 (Arlen 745) (Philadelphia Label)

– When You Wish Upon A Star/ Hey There (I Want To Walk You Home), ’63 (Hamilton 50033) (Hollywood Label.)



Crescents (LA) (Chiyo & The) – Pink Dominos/ Devil Surf, ’63 (Break Out 3-4)

Crescents (LA) (ft Chiyo) – Pink Dominos/ Breakout, ’63 (Era 3116)



Crescents (New Orleans) (& McMillan Sisters) – Here You Come Again, ’65 (Watch 1902)

Crescents (New Orleans) – That’s All She Left Me, ’65 (Watch 1902)


Crescents (New Orleans) – I’ll Make A Vow/ Come Back Baby, ’65 (Seven B 7013)



Crescents (Detroit) as Clara Hardy (backed by The Crescents) – Call My Name/ Get Off The Phone, ’67 (Astra 3010)



Crescents (Pittsburgh) (Relic LP 5053 (Skyliners Pre Flight) were generally unreleased titles by the Cresents and Centuries.  Various members from each group form the Skyliners.)

– Sympathy, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-A1)

– Please Don’t Tease, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-A2)

– You’re A Sweetheart, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-A3)

– Bewitched, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-A5)

– Be Mine, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-A6)

– Zoom, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-B1)

– You Are, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-B4)


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