Co-Eds & Coeds Groups

Co-Eds (NYC) (ft Gwen Edwards) (Book listed as Groups (1))

– Love You Baby All The Time/ I Beg Your Forgiveness, ’56 (Old Town 1027)

– I Love An Angel/ I’m In Love, ’57 (Old Town 1033)


Co-Eds (NY-Male Group) – With All My Heart/ A Man, ’59 (Dwain 802)



Co-Eds (Chicago Label-Female Lead) – When It’s Over/ Annabelle Lee, ’61 (Cha Cha 715 & Checker 996) (No scan for Checker.)



Co-Eds (NY-Female Group) – Time After Time/ To Be Or Not To Be, ’61 (Sheryl 337)



Co-Eds (Ohio) – The Magic Of Our Love/ Heart Throb, ’62 (USA 724) (Title corrections.)



Coeds (Pennsylvania) (Group spelling based on scan found for Cameo 134.)

– Juke Box/ Big Chief, ’58 (Cameo 129) (No scans found.)

– La La La (Lessons Of Cha Cha Cha)/ Juke Box, ’58 (Cameo 134)



Johnny Maestro (w The Coeds) – Mr Happiness/ Test Of Love, ’61 (Coed 552) (As/ Soulfulkindamusic the gms are: John Mastrangelo, Talmadge Gough, Harold Torres, And Jay Carter.)


Johnny Maestro (w The Coeds-uncredited) – IOU/ The Way You Look Tonight, ’61 (Coed 557)



Blossoms as Coeds – Son-In-Law/ I’ll Wait, ’61 (Challenge 9109) (The most common scans are as The Blossoms, also on #9109.  I have only seen a scan for ‘I’ll Wait’ asby The Coeds.  This side, by The Blossoms, is identical.)



Coeds (With The Tokens (Brooklyn NY)) – Mark My Words/ You’re My First Love, ’64 (Swing 101)  (The book listed as Coeds (With The Tokens.)  ‘Mark My Words’ has a female lead and appears like the Tokens doing BV.  I have not heard ‘You’re My First Love.’  It seems unlikely that the Tokens recruited an unknown female lead and became the Coeds.  The Swing label is an subsidiary of the Tokens’ BT Puppy label.)


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    • Since the Old Town Co-Eds were the only group of Co-Eds not in the post, they’ve been added to complete all Co-Eds artists listed in the book.

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