Charmettes Groups

Charmettes (Memphis) – Skating In The Blue Light/ My love With All My Heart, ’58 (Hi 2003)


Charmettes (Ohio) – School Letter/ Johnny, Johnny, ’59 (Federal 12345)




Charmettes (Georgia) (& The Rhythem [sic] Ranch Boys) – Deeds To My Heart/ I Love You To The Nth Degree, ’60 (Mona 553) (No scan for B-side.  As/youtube gms: Sharilyn Martin, Radean Martin & Susan Meriwhether who recorded for Mona.)


Charmettes (LA Label) – Why Oh Why/ On A Night Like Tonight, ’62 (Tri-Disc 103) (No scans found.)


(After further review, I need more information regarding the comment below that links these two releases.  The groups sound like two different girl groups.  And here is the label location discrepancy that also separates them.)



Charmettes (California) (ref Bobby Sanders) – Donnie/ Too Much True Lovin’, ’62 (Markay 101) (No scans found.  Donnie is on comps as Margaret & The Charmettes.)


Charmettes (Hialeah FL) – One More Time/ Surrender My Love, ’62 (Marlin 16001)




Charmettes (Brooklyn) (gm: Clara Byrd, Mittie Ponder & Betty Simmons)

– Please Don’t Kiss Me Again/ What Is A Tear, ’63 (Kapp 547)

– Oozi-Oozi-Ooh/ He’s A Wise Guy, ’64 (Kapp 570)

– (Preacher Man) Stop The Wedding/ Sugar Boy, ’65 (World Artists 1053)



Charmettes (NY) – My Lover Is A Boy Scout/ Mailbox, ’64 (Mala 491) (No group info found.)


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