Chapelaires, Softwinds, Chuck Johnston

Chapelaires (ref Softwinds)

– I’m Still In Love With You/ Not Good Enough, ’61 (Hac 101)

– Gloria/ Under Hawaiian Skies, ’61 (Hac 102)


Softwinds (ref Chapelaires) – Cross My Heart/ Oh Baby, ’61 (Hac 105) (Due to personnel and a change in their sound, the remaining Chapelaires changed their name to the Softwinds.)


Chuck Johnston (BB The Chapelaires) vs Chuck Jackson & The Jaycees  (Note:  Chuck Jackson did record with the Jaycees on Calico in 1960 releasing ‘Mr Sandman b/w Oh Baby Mine.’  As well, Chuck Johnston recorded with a Jaycees group in the late 50s.  It is not known if the Jaycees were the same group for both artists.  The book lists ‘Goodnight Irene’ & ‘Forever Is A Long, Long Time’ asby Chuck Johnson & The Jaycees on Gateway 738.  The Chapelaires/Softwinds ‘Cross My Heart’ CD #1087, lists these same songs as (Feat Chuck Johnston).  Group histories indicate the Chapelaires did backing vocals for some Gateway artists.  There is a definite vocal difference between these two artist.)


Chuck Johnston & The Jaycees (Vocal Group-The Chapelaires) – Goodnight Irene/ Forever Is A Long, Long Time, ’64 (Gateway 738) (Scans at

See for more info on the group.


Marie La Donna (BB The Chapelaires) – How Can I Let You Know, ’60 (Gateway 730) (No scans found.  All sources say BB is The Chapelaires.  The accuracy of the BB named on her fan site is questionable)

Marie La Donna (& Female Group) – Georgie Porgie, ’60 (Gateway 730)

Visit….  There is much more to this singer than the book’s sole entry.


Joni Kay (BB The Chapelaires) (No scans found.)

– Lonely Star/ Happy Memories, ’64 (Gateway 744)

– It’s Impossible, Why Try/ Vacation Time, ’65 (Gateway 746)


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    • Chuck Jackson and Chuck Johnston are two different people. The link on the new post offers a discography for the Chapelaires/Softwinds. Also, see the back scan for Chapelaires/Softwinds ‘Cross My Heart’ CD #1087.

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