Celtics Groups

Celtics (Detroit Label)

– Can You Remember/ Send Me Someone To Love, ’60 (Al-Jack’s 000.2) (Book lists date as 1957.  All sources indicate either 1960 or 1962.)

– I Can Remember, ’60 (Al-Jack’s 1) (No scan found.)

– Darline Darling/ Only The Lonely, ’60 (War Conn 2216)



Celtics (Kentucky) (Bobby Lanz & The)

– Let Them Talk/ If This World Were Mine, ’72 (Bridges 2201) (Nashville Label.)

– How Long Will It Last/ Much Too Much (Cuca 1260) (Date is unknown.  Wisconsin Label.)


Celtics (Kentucky) (ft Larry Donoho) – Sinner Man/ You Give Me Your Love And Take It Away, ’73 (Bridges 2204)



Celtics (Texas)

Celtics (Texas) (Vocal by James Chesire) – And She’ll Cry/ Jail, ’65 (Linjo 106)

Celtics (Texas) – Wondering Why/ Man That’s Gone Mad, ’65 (Coronado 133)


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