Carter Rays/Carterays & Eddie Carter Quartet

Eddie Carter Quartet

– Don’t Turn Your Back On Me/ Eat ‘Em Up, ’53 (MGM 11405)

– Little Joe/ Ooh-Lovin’ Baby, ’75 (Monogram 107) (Book credited as Eddie Carter.)


Eddie Carter & The Carterays – Ooh Baby/ These Are The Things That Matter, ’54 (Sound 105) (No scan for b-side.)



Carter Rays

– Take Everything But You/ Cool Whailin Papa [sic], ’54 (Grand 107-first pressing) (The book listed asby Eddie Carter Quartet and spelled b-side as Cool Wailin’ Papa.)

– Take Everything But You/ Cool Wailin’ Papa, ’54 (Grand 107-second pressing) (No scan found.)

– My Secret Love/ Ding Dong Darling, ’57 (Lyric 2001)

– My Secret Love/ Ding Dong Darling (Gone 5006)  (No scans.  On Gone 5006, a label discography lists the title as ‘Ding Dong Dolly’, which is what the lyrics sound like they are.  The Lyric label and Gone LPs list the title as Ding Dong Darling.  Also, no scans found as ‘Ding Dong Daddy’ as the book lists the title on Lyric & Gone.)


Carter Rays as Carter-Rays – Bless You/ Keep Listening To Your Heart, ’61 (Mala 433) (The book credited as Carter Rays.)



Gloria Mann (With The Carter Rays)

– Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite/ Love-Me-Boy, ’54 (S-L-S 102)

– Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight/ Love-Me-Boy, ’54 (Jubilee 5142)

– I’m Living My Life For You/ The Waltz You Saved For Me, ’54 (Sound 102) (No scans found.)


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